“Remember The Titans” Directed by Boaz Yakin

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In the movie “Remember the Titans” an of import scene is at the Gettysburg conflict location. Here. Boone makes an impacting address to the participants on get the better ofing their racism. Boone is the head manager of the assorted coloured football squad he is talking to. The movie is set in the 1970’s. when racism is common. The Gettysburg scene has some ocular techniques which helps one understand why it is of import. One illustration is the silhouette with Boone the background. A verbal technique is the Boones voice is serious. Gettysburg is the turning point in the movie. where the participants over come their racism.

At the football preparation cantonment in Gettysburg. the head manager Boone. takes them on a tally at three o’clock in the forenoon. He takes them to the scene of the Gettysburg conflict. The conditions is dazed and moistness. The mist from the fog. gives a demulcent consequence on the graveyard behind Boone. when he gives his address. The headstones in the graveyard resemble the work forces killed in the conflict. The headstones besides give the scene a serious consequence. When Boone is talking. one knows that what he’s stating is of import because Boone is speaking in a really serious and level tone. “50. 000 work forces were killed contending the same battle you’re contending. ” The battle is the battle of racism. The work forces in the conflict fought over political issues. including the usage of the black slaves. The quotation mark means that the participants are contending over racism. when the battle has already been fought with a drastic result.

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The tone of Boone’s voice is really serious. because it is clear and does non alter tone. His voice impacts one because the lone thing that can be focused on is the words. His voice helps me understand why it is of import because he asks rhetorical inquiries and the words are powerful. “I don’t attention if you don’t like each other. but you will esteem each other. ”

When Boone speaks at the scene. he is standing in forepart of everyone. and the adjunct manager. Yoast is standing with the participants. This shows that Yoast connects with the participants. During Boones address there is a silhouette of Boone and the graveyard behind him. This gets the spectator to concentrate on the words he is stating. and the graveyard behind him. non on what he looks like stating them. “Did the dice for nil? ” When he says this. the spectator is taking in what he says because one is focused on Boone himself and his words.

When they get back to the cantonment. during a preparation session. the two captains shout the mantra. “left side” “strong side” to each other. This shows a new apprehension and respect towards each other. They impact the remainder of the squad. which so come together every bit good. On the coach sit excessively the cantonment. the participants are non speaking to each other. In comparing to this. the coach drive on the manner back to school. the participants are all singing together. This is the turning point which shows me that Gettysburg is of import.

Overall I think that Gettysburg is an of import scene because through Boone’s address. the graveyard and the reactions after the address. it shows that it affected the participants because they changed from disliking and non swearing each other. to swearing and esteeming each other. This shows that it must be of import because of the consequence.

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