Research About The University Of Wisconsin And How It Will Provide Me With A Natural Continuation For Personal Growth

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Since I was younger, I’ve always been interested in STEM programs and wanted to help the society, and I believe UWisconsin is a place where I can thrive. Something that stood out to me about this school was the WSCIENCE research programs, specifically the Laboratory of Genetics and Genetics Training Program, a program that contained my favorite topic: genetics. This genetic program focuses on using various experimental systems that range from simple model organisms to mice to humans to elucidate fundamental biological problems and evolutionary growth of populations over time.

This research is very important to me because l want to be able to gain an opportunity to learn about research work, solve real-life problems, and professional mentoring. UWisconsin’s science programs have won 19 Nobel prize awards and are known for its distinguished professors, which has truly attracted me to attend this university. UWisconsin has a beautiful campus which is downtown with a city feel, but with the beautiful scenery of lakes and trails.

These lakes and trails remind me of my scenic hometown of Holmdel, New Jersey. On top of these strong research programs and beautiful scenery, UWisconsin is also a university with a challenging academia and a diverse group of people. Not only are the people diverse at UWisconsin, but the clubs and activities are as well. There is such a wide range of organizations, guaranteeing that I will stay engaged on campus. One certain organization that I have connected to is the Indian Student Association at the University of Wisconsin, which will allow me to connect to my culture by a greater extent and meet new people with similar backgrounds.

Specifically, in the Indian Student Associations, the ASHA for Education interests me because it strives to shape children’s futures and works toward promoting the education of unprivileged children. The majors I am most interested in studying at the University of Wisconsin are psychology and biology. First of all, psychology is a class that has really captured my attention since the start of senior year. When I study for a test in that class, it doesn’t seem tiresome, but I always seem to lose track of time.

My good grades in that class were extremely encouraging and I would love to study the material more in college. A specific example of my interest peaking in the subject matter was when we did a project called “50 Myths”. “50 Myths” was a project that included myths that we believe in psychology, but aren’t really true. This project was one of the reasons I never put down the textbook, and I started looking at life in a completely different way. Additionally, biology is also a major I would have an interest in the University of Wisconsin. When I started off honors biology in freshman year, I really struggled in the class thinking that honors classes weren’t for me.

I started working with other students in my class, reading the textbook more thoroughly and attending the teacher’s extra help, leading to my grades moving up. Two years later, in AP Bio I managed to get an A using the same strategies. The high grades in the class encouraged me, especially because I knew I wanted to be a doctor. I can ensure that these interests will continue throughout college and know that the University of Wisconsin will provide a natural continuation for my personal growth. 

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