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    How are fire scenes different than regular crime scenes for investigators? What is the blast effect? The blast effect is the gases rushing out from the explosion’s center. What are the two types of high explosives? Primary explosives ( highly flam TABLE) Secondary explosives (needs something else to start it) What is a substrate control? Why is it done? A substrate control is an uncontaminated sample (control) so they have something to compare the contaminated sample to.

    How is the evidence from a fire scene collected? What should be avoided? Materials collected from a fire scene are placed in air-tight containers to prevent the further loss of any flammTABLE liquid evidence. Plastic bags are usually avoided because the material can interact with any flammTABLE liquid left and become hazardous. Critical Thinking Questions What do you think would be the most challenging part of investigating a fire or explosion crime scene? Why?

    I think the most challenging part would be finding the trigger for instinct a phone bomb could be activated by anyone even by accident. Do you think search warrants should be required for fire scenes? Why or why not? I think they should be required because someone might have something in there that is personal that us n. ‘died. Do you think more countries should adopt the practice of putting color coded chips in explosive materials? Why or why not? Yes because terrorism might go down.

    Why do you think crime scenes involving homemade bombs have increased? I think it has increased because it has Ben getting easier to build them. Why do you think the procedures are different from normal crime scenes to those involving fire and explosions? What benefits or challenges are there because of these different procedures? Think they are different because the one with explosions is more dangerous.

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