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Critical Thinking Assignment Vessells

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They also have seven core beliefs. Evil is an illusion, equanimity among the gods, (with over 330 million gods). Then all living things have a soul, reincarnation, Nirvana, karma, and caste. V. The Question of Destiny- In understanding the destiny of Hinduism, it is essential to understand their belief of Nirvana. They believe if one is without desires they achieve mimosa, and therefore reach Nirvana. In this they believe in eternal existence in which one no longer exist in human form, they become a “god-essence” (p.


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Critical Thinking Assignment Vessells
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It is basically to return from which you first came. You become a part of the big picture in which you originated. II. Part Two: Christian Worldview i. The Question of Origin- The scripture informs us that God created everything that is not man made. Before Earth, there was still a God and before all things he existed. In Genesis 1:27 it teaches us that God made man in his image and they may live off of his creations.

Because of the biblical documents and records long with life experiences, Christians accept and believe that God created all things.

Some people have a hard time grasping this as they are non-believers. They instead conduct research trying to find a scientific explanation to the reason of our existence. Ii. The Question of Identity- God created man in his own image and therefore that resulted in the image that we see. God made animals so that humans could use them for their nourishment within reason. However, it is also our responsibility to care for them. Would not say that animals are more important than humans in any sense of the meaning.

I would say that God put them here as a source of food for people. Iii. The Question of Meaning/Purpose- We know as Christians our primary goal is to give our lives to God. Allow him to lead the way and that we are his humble servants. This is our primary purpose in life that we should put God above all things and act as his obedient children. Through this level of faith and trust God will lead us down the right paths in life and bless us as he sees fit. In being saved God washed away the sin in our lives ND forgives us for our wrong doing. V. The Question of Morality- Christians understand that God has set laws, rules, and commandments to guide them on how to live their lives. These guidelines represent the manner in which God wants us to live our lives. Wearer born sinners and it is up to us to accept Christ into our hearts and try our hardest to live a good Christian life. While at some point most, if not all Christians have failed to act in a Christian manner at some point in our lives; God is willing to forgive us if we will take it to him.

If we ask IM for forgiveness and for him to guide us, he is a forgiving and just God. V. The Question of Destiny- Christians believe whole heartedly that there is life after death. If you have accepted Jesus into your life and you believe that he died for your sins, then you will be accepted into Heaven. In Heaven where there is no pain and no sorrow. If you have rejected God and never opened your heart to him, then you face eternal damnation.

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