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Rhetorical Analysis of Thomas Jefferson’s Inaugural Address

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Ethos –

“Utterly. so. should I despair did non the presence of many whom I here see remind me that in the other high governments provided by our Fundamental law I shall happen resources of wisdom. of virtuousness. and of ardor on which to trust under all troubles. ” In this subdivision Jefferson names the first official papers of America and states that it has provide and will supply the U. S. with everything it needs to be successful. Jefferson mentions his trust that he puts in the papers and all that wrote it.

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Rhetorical Analysis of Thomas Jefferson’s Inaugural Address
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Jefferson shows the citizens that because he and others made the papers. they should be trusted. because the Constitution made America free from British regulation. The Constitution unifies the U. S. besides. it merely states what demand be. non things like divisions of political parties and what non.

Enunciation –

Jefferson’s changeless usage of words like us and we helps conveying the U. S. together as a state regardless of whether you are federalist or democratic Republican.

It eases the tenseness between both parties.

Pathos –

“Called upon to set about the responsibilities of the first executive office of our state. I avail myself of the presence of that part of my fellow-citizens which is here assembled to show my thankful thanks for the favour with which they have been pleased to look toward me. to declare a sincere consciousness that the undertaking is above my endowments. and that I approach it with those dying and atrocious forebodings which the illustriousness of the charge and the failing of my powers so rightly inspire. ” Jefferson begins his reference by stating us he is grateful for being elected President and he states that he is low by stating that he will supply the state with the best attention possible. no affair the cost. This statement hardens the people’s belief that they have chosen the right individual for the occupation. He says he is thankful and humbled by the offer. there for appealing to our nationalism and esteem for who he is.

Tone –

Jefferson’s tone throughout the reference is both low and asseverating. He states that he is both thankful and humbled by the offer of a Presidency. He besides asserts his sentiments and impressions of integrity and the country’s strength. inspiring the audience.

Audience –

The bulk of the audience does prefer one side or the other sing political parties. This address is intended to make out to everyone. including kids. I think some might state that he is prefering Republicans. which may impact the tone of the address for them. Everyone. nevertheless. is united as a state by the reference regardless of their political positions.

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