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Rhetorical Analysis Project: How To Win The Trust Of Readers?

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    The discourse community that will be discussed today is biopsychology. Biopsychology explores how the brain and nervous system affect human behavior. In order, to regard audience the understanding of understand emotions, behavior, and other aspects of biology that influence us, biopsychologists must conduct the genre of research studies. The main purpose of research studies is to prove a theory, contribute to existing knowledge, and understand various issues regardingT humans and behavior. Research studies are usually scientifically tested, and published in journals for other professionals in that same field. The audience may be fellow professionals in the medical field who want better treatments for their patients. Research studies are extremely beneficial in the field of science because researchers and scientists are constantly coming across new illnesses, and new methods of treatments cannot occur without proper testing beforehand. In research studies, the author or authors may have published previous research journals, which would build their credibility so that other professionals in the field would believe their work.

    In this journal, Massimo Mauri does a research study to understand the neurological pathway of autism spectrum disorder. Autism is a disease that affects the neurological function of the brain and thus affects the development of social and communication skills. In his research study, he uses blood levels, social functionality tests, and social intelligence tests. The rhetorical situation here is the author trying to explain to other professionals in his field how autism is positively correlated with blood vasopressin levels, which maintains body temperature, blood volume, and urine from kidneys. The author’s constraint is that he is a clinical pharmacologist, so he studies and tests chemical compounds in our bodies. The regardingaudience is fellow professionals in the pharmacology or healthcare field.

    This research study serves the purpose of informing other biopsychology professionals that there are neuropharmacological treatments, as well as therapeutic modalities that aid in the social and mental development of those with autism. The author attempts to persuade readers that neurocognitive training in attention can help those with autism by using evidence to understand social functionality and intelligence tests. Mauri uses logos, pathos, and ethos to further his opinions and justify his assertions. Mauri’s tone is both professional and relaxed at the same time. Mauri uses a professional tone to move his readers toward his opinion by using his ethos as a clinical pharmacologist. Eventually, Mauri gains the audience’s trust through his effective persuasion efforts with his analysis of his research study and rhetorical strategies.

    Furthermore, his casual tone is used to lure the reader into relating to his concerns by saying, “The last decade, there has been an intense research emphasizing on the polymorphous patterns of neurobiological mutation present in ASD.” By using this language, it makes the reader want to learn more about past, present, and future research studies and be more likely to agree with Mauri’s claims. Later in the research study, the author uses a more professional tone to move forward from convincing the audience and instead establish his intellectual ability and journalistic outlook on the topic when he cites the articles published in 2019 on the autism spectrum disorder classification which states that extensive research is still in the process to aid in better understanding the causes of this disease. The author gains integrity by using this academic language to provide evidence to the reader to validate his opinion. The author is well aware that the audience reading his research study has a background in the same field as him. Shared experience often builds trust which can lead to agreement on opinionated assertions.

    Moreover, the author makes it clear by person pronoun the thirdpersothird person pronou pronounpersonpronoun that his main focus is the entity and people in the study, rather than making his research sthirdthirdthird person personally about the audience. Mauri goes into detail while using the third person, saying that “too regarding compared three groups as to their blood vasopressin levels and assessed their social functionality by weighted tests.” By using words like “their” when referring to the people in the studies, it puts the spotlight on the people being studied instead of the reader which might sway the audience into being persuabyards the author’s ideologies because of the positive connotations related to finding positive correlations. Mauri does not directly intend to change the minds of fellow professionals data-based evidencebased factual-basedfactual-based does state that is still extensive research being done, and that there is no cure for autism currently. Ideally, this article’s arguments could change the high-cost treatments of autism and make other professionals gravitate towards social functionality and intelligence tests rather than behavioral therapy which would take longer. The author makes highly effective, logical, evidence-based assertions that make it easy for the audience to be persuaded using the rhetorical device logos. He also uses many statistics and data-basedevidence-based based based evidenceonevidence on about assertions to persuade his audience which continuously establishes his knowledge and credibility throughout his essay.

    In regards to more rhetorical strategies, the main focus of logos is to provide evidence based, proven facts to back up an assertion, and that is precisely what Mauri does. The writer sources the most logos-basedabout platform in the field of autism, including studies done by neurologists, and doctors specializing in autism. This helps the author persuade the audience because readers are more likely to agree with claims if given proven facts and evidence. In addition to Mauri using logos basedlogos-basedaboutbased aboutbased logos language, he also uses arguments pertaining to pathos to further persuade the reader. Pathos refers to the persuasion of the reader by using his or her emotions to do so. The writer uses pathos by stating that the purpose of his study is to find a beneficial way to aid in the development of interpersonal interactions and problem-solving in daily life for those with autism. This alludes to the fact that the author understands those he studies, and wants to genuinely help thefor. This has a grave effect on the audience because by using pathos effectively, it is more likely that the audience will not only understand his credibilityfor but see him as a person too in addition to a pharmacologist. By using the language of pathos and trying to relate to his participants, it makes it easier for his audience to see him as trustworthy, thus making it easier to persuade the reader. Mauri also uses ethos, an effective credibility-based form of persuasion, in his article to make his claims all the more convincing. Ethos is another commonly used way of persuasion using language to justify the credibility of the author as well as their ethical character. The author started the research sfor for the audience evidencedunderstand off by listing that he is a clinic pharmacologist which makes the reader feel that they can trust the writer more because he had to be in that field for a long time in order for a scholarly journal and study to be published.

    Similarly, Mauri uses ethos indirectly by already being published atofatof Cambridge University. Cambridge University is a prestigious collegiate public university that is renowned for being the second-oldest university in the English-speaking world. That instantly gives the reader a feeling of belief and can more easily trust the information given because of the credible publisher as well as the author. Once the audience has a sense of credibility for the writer, it raises the trustworthiness in the author which makes his assertions furthermore effective, and more likely to be agreed upon. Although the language used by Mauri was semi-casual, he was exceptionally effective at persuading his audience using rhetorical devices

    Ultimately, the author was successfully convincing due to the tone and rhetorical strategies he used such as logos, ethos, and pathos. The writer began building trust to persuade the reader by stating information and providing examples that made the audience feel relatable to the author, thus making his claims more agreeable. In addition to building the reader’s trust through relatability, Mauri was remarkably effective using logical reasoning, factual statistics, and emotional connections to induce the reader toward his owaspectabout basedaspectbased aspect aspecunderstand ideologies. The research to find the biopsychological cause of the autism spectrum disorder is still in place, yet remains unknown. This hinders the ability of researchers to come up with further treatment and prevention strategies. However, thus far, researchers have found various pharmacological treatments to lessen symptoms and different behavior and communicative therapeutic techniques. The therapeutic modalities mentioned above all seemed to be beneficial to some aspectaspect of the autism disorder. It seems that all therapies aidnforevidence-based social interactions and cognitive thinking. In all these types of therapies, it is of importance to first establish a relationship with the patient as that is of utmost difficulty in patients suffering from autism. There are many other options, such as speech, occupational, and behavioral therapy that can also be beneficial for improving the social development of children diagnosed with autism. Unlike pharmacological treatments, these treatments are not only beneficial in aiding the patient in the present, but they also teach life-long skills that will be beneficial in the future lives of these patients. The development of more holistic approaches like these, as opposed to pharmaceutical treatments, is a healthier, beneficial, and effective way of treatment.

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