Righteousness and Justice

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The writer of the book of Proverbs was truthful when addressing significant subjects like righteousness and justice, as these concepts are closely linked. According to an English dictionary, righteousness is described as acting in accordance with divine or moral law, being guilt-free or sinless, morally correct or justifiable, or something that arises from a strong sense of justice or morality.

Justice, as stated in the dictionary, encompasses the impartial resolution of conflicting claims and the allocation of deserved rewards or punishments. It also entails possessing qualities such as fairness, impartiality, and justice. God values these virtues more than sacrifices or good deeds when individuals seek to please Him. In contemporary society, numerous religious individuals are eager to fulfill any necessary actions to satisfy God, especially if they have specific requests or desires.

Regrettably, numerous individuals who engage in religion lack true righteousness or fairness towards God and others. They deceive themselves as their religious acts will only be approved by God if they demonstrate righteousness and fairness to Him. God dispatched Prophet Isaiah to convey that He is not concerned with their religious rituals but rather desires them to “learn to do what is right and seek justice”.

To gain acceptance from God and please Him, it is necessary to practice righteousness and justice in your religious services.

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