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Baguio Tour Reflection Paper

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My Reflection (Baguio tour) We may have been delayed for an hour on the tour but still along the way we did enjoy it! On the bus, some of my classmates started to act as a tour guide and some are good but some are shy. Though they did great on how to make the tourist relax and comfortable throughout the tour. First attraction that we went is at Ben Cab Museum, if you’re a paint lover or an abstract enthusiast you’ll love this place.

This museum mostly has paintings and photography’s of some known painters and photographers.

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Baguio Tour Reflection Paper
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You can see the favourite subject of the maestro himself, namely Sabel. Although we didn’t have the chance to meet Sir Ben, we still enjoy roaming around the museum and learned some information about the paintings and photos that are displayed there. My first impression about the museum is that, it is a very interesting place where it will bring out your artistic side and challenge you to analyse and observe all the paintings and photographs.

Interesting it is, because you can appreciate the story on each painting that is displayed at the museum.

But of course, before we leave the museum we had our class picture, that will serve as a remembrance of our tour guiding, Baguio tour. The next attraction we went is at Master Garden. Going in this place like this relaxes your senses because of its beautiful scenery, mostly flowers and organic fruits and vegetables. You can really appreciate the beauty of the garden especially if the weather is good; the bright blue sky adds the beauty of the garden. It has a nice feeling every time you enter the garden, because it has a good vibes on the body.

We went at Camp John Hay for our last attraction but definitely not the least. This is a place wherein you can have your relaxation emotionally and physically, away from the pollution of the town and away from the stress that you had for the past days or even weeks. With the fresh air that cools your mind and body and the pine trees that standing proud. Mountains that are clean and the open space where you can see the green environment that gives you unexplainable feeling like tingly in the senses. My favourite attraction in Baguio is Camp John Hay.

I do appreciate the beauty of the place now especially because I know now the history of the camp and it makes me realize that nothing is more magnificent in the feeling of going in a place like you have been there before in the past. After reading the history of this attraction and after that going back to the camp, it will definitely wake your curiosity. A lot of questions will be flowing in your mind on the history of the camp. Although it’s not only the scenery that you can appreciate at the camp, but also the attractions that you can visit. Especially that Camp John Hay is one of the historical places in Baguio City.

Experiential learning that is what you will have when you go at the camp. The beauty around makes you hope that the camp should’ve been where we the city stand. It unwinds the nerves of the body and makes the feeling very light. Tree Top Adventure, it is a newly established recreational activity wherein all the thrill seekers and the adventure enthusiast would love to try. It will challenge your flexibility on what level you stand among all the activities you will do. Heights, this is the first that you will think when you hear Tree Top Adventure.

That’s why those who have an extreme fear of heights would have to sit and just watch others doing the activities. Although we didn’t had the chance to continue the tour at Baguio Museum because we lacked time. We had it the next meeting and it turned out to be very interesting. The part where my interest went is the history of the Cordillera and its province. The costumes to the things that they use back then really amaze me because thinking about it, they are very cool, I mean they are flexible and they use recycled things. That’s why the lifestyle in the past is much more realistic and simple and environment friendly.

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