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Roaring Twentiess And American Dream Essay, Research Paper During the Roaring Twenties, American lifestyles changed dramatically. Money was abundant and people were traveling out and holding merriment. All of this wealth and socialising contributes to the American Dream . Jay Gatsby, the chief character of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald symbolizes everything about this dream. Gatsby thinks money is the reply to all his jobs and desires.

This includes the adult female he loves, Daisy. Jay Gatsby has the best of everything: the nicest auto, the best apparels, the biggest house, and the liveliest parties. The auto during the mid-twentiess was the most of import position symbol. Gatsby’s auto is one of the most expensive, brilliant autos created so. Nick Carraway is in awe the first clip he sees it:  I vitamin D seen it. Everybody had seen it. It was a rich pick colour, bright with Ni, swollen here and at that place in its monstrous length ( 68 ) .

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Gatsby is able to do Tom Buchanan covetous with his auto. Tom takes the auto into the metropolis and attempts to diss Gatsby,  I ll take you in this circus waggon? ( 128 ) . It is Gatsby’s dream, his fantastic auto that shatters Tom’s dream. Gatsby’s auto hit Tom’s kept woman, Myrtle Wilson and putting to deaths her immediately. Jay attempts to conceal his auto:  he gave instructions that the unfastened auto wasn T to be taken out under any fortunes ( 169 ) . He Tells Nick that no 1 saw him returning to his house. Nick gets angry at this because everyone knew the colour of the auto:  I disliked him so much by this clip that I didn t find it necessary to state him he was incorrect ( 151 ) .

Gatsby’s dream auto is what indirectly leads to his decease. Jay Gatsby buys his immense sign of the zodiac at West Egg in order to be straight across from Daisy Buchanan s house. While he is at the Buchanan’s house, he points this out to Tom:  Gatsby’s eyes followed it momently ; he raised his manus and pointed across the bay.  Im right across from you. ( 124 ) .

Tom is once more overcome with green-eyed monster. The manner Nick describes Gatsby’s house helps the reader it’s size and beauty: it was a factual imitation of some Hotel de Ville in Normandy, with a tower on one side, paddling new under a thin face fungus of natural Hedera helix, and a marble swimming pool and more than 40 estates of lawn and garden( 9 ) .

Gatsby asks Nick to hold Daisy over for tea, merely so she can see his house. Appearance means everything to Gatsby. In his effort to win Daisy’s love, he decided to have on his best outfit: Gatsby in a white flannel suit, Ag shirt and gold colored tie hurried in ( 89 ) . He invites Nick and Daisy over to give them a circuit of his house. Everything in every room is pointed out and explained. In his room he opens his cupboard and dumps out all his shirts onto the floor. Daisy calls in defeat when she realizes he is what she wants him to be:  It makes me sad because Ive ne’er seen such such beautiful shirts before ( 98 ) .

Daisy can non understand how Gatsby can populate in such a immense house all by himself:I don Ts see how you live at that place all entirely ( 96 ) . Gatsby is a really alone individual. Although he maintain [ s ] it ever full of interesting people, dark and twenty-four hours ( 96 ) he doesn t rather fit in with everyone. Many people who attend his parties have no thought who he is. At his parties, he is normally entirely someplace detecting everyone: standing entirely on the marble stairss and looking from one group to another with eyes. Although to some it seems like Gatsby is carry throughing his dream, money can non purchase his felicity.

Jay Gatsby’s dream revolves around recapturing Daisy’s love for him. Daisy Buchanan does fall in love with Jay Gatsby. She does non get married him and marries Tom alternatively because he was hapless and she was tired of waiting for [ him ]  ( 137 ) . At first, Gatsby is able to catch Daisy in the bang of being changed. She begins to hold an matter with him and wants him all to herself: some genuinely beaming immature misss who with one fresh glimpse at Gatsby, one minute of charming brush, would blot out those five old ages of unwavering devotedness ( 115 ) .

Although Gatsby’s wealth drew Daisy closer to him, his money would ne’er maintain her. Daisy gets tired of work forces make up one’s minding everything for her and interrupt down: Oh, you want excessively much! I love you now International Relations and Security Network T that adequate? I can? t aid what’s yesteryear. I did love him one time but I loved you excessively ( 139-140 ) . Jay Gatsby’s dream is crushed and he no longer has excessively much to populate for. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is improbably written to assist the reader understand what was traveling on during the Jazz Age. The two chief characters, Nick and Gatsby aid equilibrate the book’s consequence. All the subjects and symbols are wondrous added to the narrative

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