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Roaring Twenties Facts

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* The flapper, a sign of the 1920’s, characterized the changes that were occurring in the decade. Flappers were young ladies, usually dressed in different styles. Some were also known to be cigarette-smokers and cosmetics-wearers * The Prohibition Act was in effect but places such as “speakeasies” were ways to get around this new act. People would purchase illegal alcohol * The 18th Amendment made the sale, distribution, and consumption of alcohol illegal * Alcohol was obtained by smuggling it in from Mexico, Canada, and the West Indies.

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Roaring Twenties Facts
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This trade, known as bootlegging, became quite profitable * Liquor was illegally sold in speakeasies which were backroom bars that sold alcohol behind closed doors * The Valentine’s Day Massacre, which took place on February 14, 1929, was one of the many outcomes of organized crime during the 1920’s * Battles between gangs over territories for alcohol sales brought violence and gunfire to the streets in NYC * During the roaring twenties more people lived in urban centers than in the countryside * Many streets in New York City became important centers of life, Broadway became entertainment, Madison Ave.

ecame sales and advertisements, and Wall Street became the center for money

* Park and 5th Avenues became well-known for harboring the rich and famous tycoons of NYC * Harlem became the capital of jazz and many white people took interest in African-American-inspired music * Famous artists of jazz during this time were Louis Armstrong, Bessie Smith, and Edward Kennedy Ellington * The Cotton Club was a very popular nightclub where different cultures converged * The “Harlem Renaissance” term was originated from the strong political, social, and cultural influences Harlem had on the lives of people * “The New Negro” came out of the Harlem Renaissance who was able to establish a life and name for themselves and to contribute to American culture * The Lower East Side was a haven for European immigrants

* The advances and prosperous times within the cities had eventually spread to the entire U. S. * In the beginning of the century most households were without electricity but, in the roaring twenties, the majority of homes in the U. S. had electricity * The car revolutionized America by giving freedom of travel to get out of the cities and to be able to go on vacation * The government had spent one billion dollars to build and improve highways, bridges, and tunnels * Advertising had changed the cultural landscape and gave way to credit, allowing shoppers conveniently make purchases * The radio was very popular and the Pittsburgh radio station KDKA was the first radio station in the U. S. The 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote and women started to gain independence

* Dayton, TN, John T. Scopes was accused of teaching Darwin’s theory of evolution in a high school and offered for people to decide for themselves on what they believe in * Intolerance was the fear of anyone different which would include African-Americans and immigrants. The Ku Klux Klan is an example of intolerance * The Ku Klux Klan prospered, and during the 1920’s its membership rose to over 5 million * American heroes like Babe Ruth and Charles Lindberg arose from sports during the 1920’s * The 1920’s were a prosperous time in America for most, where development and progression were prominent. Standards of living rose and incomes also rose

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