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    Robber Barons Essay, Research Paper

    Robber Barons

    During the 19th century there were many people who contributed to America s

    growing. Most of these people were either considered robber barons or captains of industry.

    The captains of industry by and large contributed to the state in honest, hard-working ways.

    The robber barons, nevertheless, schemed against the state, sometimes doing monopolies in

    order to accomplish their great wealth. Examples of these are Jay Gould, George Pullman, and

    J.P. Morgan. The affluent industrialists of the late 19th century were robber barons.

    Jay Gould was one of the most successful robber barons in the U.S. He was born on

    May 27, 1836 in Roxbury, New York. He largely grew up really hapless and had small instruction.

    In 1860 he began theorizing in railway stocks and shortly became the manager of the Erie

    Railway. He began to sell public portions in the railway for a greater value than they were

    worth, wasting 1000000s of dollars from the U.S. people. Gould and James Frisk, an

    associate of his, were involved in a strategy in gold speculating that led to Black Friday, when

    a fiscal terror was caused in a disconnected bead in the monetary value of gold.

    J.P. Morgan was born on April 17, 1837 in Hartford, Connecticut. At the age of 34 he

    became a dad

    rtner in the New York City house Drexel, subsequently being named J.P. Morgan and

    Company. It grew to be one of the universe s most powerful houses. In 1895 he organized a

    commission to assist the US Treasury which was on the brink of bankruptcy. Morgan formed the

    Federal Steele Company in 1898 and in 1901 he merged the company with others and formed

    the United States Steele Corporation, A federal commission investigated J.P. in 1912, believing

    he was involved in unjust monopolies.

    George Pullman can be either considered a captain of industry or a robber baron.

    Born in 1831 in Brocton, New York, he foremost invented the sleeping auto for railwaies which

    made going much more convienent. He organized the Pullman Palace Car Company in

    1867 which manufactured the sleeping autos for the trains. In 1880 he founded the town of

    Pullman, Illinois as a community for the workers of his company. A violent work stoppage occured in

    1894 when the company reduced the rewards without decreasing the rents in the local town.

    Whether they were robber barons or captains of industry, each of these work forces had

    some kind of important part to the growing of America. All were industrialists, some

    geting their wealth more candidly than others. The affluent industrialists of the late

    19th century were robber barons.

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