The New Tycoons: Captains of Industry or Robber Barons Essay

                        The New Tycoons:  Captains of Industry or Robber Barons

            The New Tycoons are the Robber Barons.  These unscrupulous rascals corrupted our politicians and stole from everyone they came in contact with.  Folk, they were only looking out for themselves!  They are no better than thieves!

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The New Tycoons: Captains of Industry or Robber Barons
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            This wonderful new industrialization in America has offered us thousands of new products - The New Tycoons: Captains of Industry or Robber Barons Essay introduction. We have a better way of life, with many new inventions, but guess what folks, it does sound good that we’ve been blessed with the better things in life, but it has it’s setbacks, let me tell you.  This new and better way of life has placed the control of our production and finances in the hands of a very few men who have produced monopolies in railroads, created horrid slums in the cities and a very shaky social structure, as well!  To say it for you in plain English; They went and made a mess out of almost, everything!  Things will never be the same!

            The New Tycoons have destroyed what we used to know as a normal way of doing business; how things used to be ran.  These robber barons have become the main influence in our society and they run on their drive for the almighty dollar, and they are making lots of them!  Sounds like they may have a streak of selfishness, if you ask me!  I think we should change things back to the they way they were before these Robber Barons came into play.

            We like to call these people “merciless destroyers of capitalism.” We’ve got Bankers and Businessmen who have made a fortune from their unfair business practices.  We’ll hold onto this title of “Robber Baron” for future businessmen who also practice bad business deals.  Mr. Robert Heilbroner, (p. 22,Heilbroner,) will describe these boys in a similar manner!

            I guess we need to start being on the outlook for entrepreneurships and big businesses, and of course, we need to start realizing that they are going to soon turn into proprietorships and partnerships, then corporations.  Looks like the Robber Barons will be the future’s rich people.

            I can just imagine the big names on the front of those corporations; Andrew Carnegie, John Pierpoint Morgan, Russell Sage, John D. Rockefeller, just to mention a few big shot names.

            I guess there’s no stopping them, so as the saying goes, “If you can’t beat them, join them!  I think I’ll start looking into a little monopoly of my own.  Maybe I’ll take over the newspapers, everywhere!  See how those Robber Barons like that!

            If we don’t intervene soon, I think there’s going to be a monopoly on everything in America!

            These sneaky fellas are the biggest Industrialists of our time, so their bulging wallets like to tell us!

            I’m heading out, now, to make my own fortune in the newspaper industry!  Sincerely folks, Mr. York Times!

(Heilbroner, Robert; Robber Barons; The Worldly Philosophers, p.22)

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