Role of technology in terrorism Essay

Role of technology in terrorism

Today, terrorism is quite apparent in every part of the world and this is mainly because of the innovations and various kinds of technological advancements which are readily being availed by the terrorists to create destruction. The paper is based on the role of technology being the forefront of terrorism existing in the world today. Moreover, the paper also talks about the possibilities with reference to technology that makes the terrorists to opt for terrorism using this technology. Other than this, I have also mentioned the types of technologies that are being used by the terrorist in this era. (Gadek, 2008).

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Role of technology in terrorism
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Internet is one of the major players serving to terrorism as the terrorist organizations have also started recruiting people through websites and blogs. Other than this, with the emergence of the Internet, every kind of information is easily available to everyone and funds to support terrorism can also be obtained by the terrorist organizations through the Internet. Ways of obtaining funds are through hacking, scamming or using any other such methods that enable the terrorist to achieve their targets. (White, 2006).

The introduction of destructive weapons also poses as a great threat to the world as the result of these weapons is only destruction and loss of human lives. Technology has also enhanced the flow of communication and the means of communication used by the terrorist are especially the cell phones, satellites, Internet, etc. that helps the terrorists plan and execute in an organized way. Terrorist organizations organize meetings using Intranets and they ensure that they have the best security. The emergence of technology makes the terrorists remain ahead of the agents who are there to catch them. I would therefore, conclude by say that technological advancements in this era is what is actually making the terrorist succeed in their plans and massive efforts have to be taken to eliminate terrorism. (Sahu & Sharma, n.d.).

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