Sacred Destination Paper

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The Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden is a sacred topographic point to many people. This is a topographic point that may or non really exist. and if it is a existent topographic point it has non been confirmed. If the Garden of Eden was of all time located it would be a topographic point deserving visiting.

The Beginnings

The beginnings of the Garden of Eden come from the book of Genesis in the Old Testament of the Bible. The word Eden means delight in Hebrew likely derives from the Akkadian word edinu. Edinu is believed to deduce from the Sumerian term E. DIN which means field or steppe. The connexion may be coinciding. although E. DIN is known to hold been used by the Sumerians to mention to Mesopotamia as the vale of E’din. intending the fertile lands between the Tigris and Euphrates ( “The Garden Of Eden” . 2014 ) .

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The Tree of Knowledge

The Tree of Knowledge is a sacred object found in the Garden of Eden. The Tree of Knowledge is a reminder is a reminder still used in the modern-day universe to non be fooled by immorality. In Christian mythology. eating the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of good and immorality was the initial wickedness committed by Adam and Eve that became known subsequently as the autumn of adult male. Adam and Eve died spiritually instantly following eating the fruit of the tree of cognition. their wickedness separated them from God.

Similar Myths

The metropolis of Dilmun in the Sumerian mythological was described as a Eden garden where no 1 got ill or died ; it was the garden of immortality. Boulay ( 1990 ) stated. “Dilmun was a land closely associated with Sumer and Akkad. and merely like Meluhha ( Africa ) and Magan ( Egypt ) supplied their metropoliss with many economic necessities either through testimonial or by commercial exchange. Dilmun was besides a sacred or holy land frequently called the abode of the Gods. a kind of garden of Eden. frequently referred to as “the land of the life. ” that is. the land of immortality” ( THE FABLED LAND OF DILMUN ) .

Other similar myths in relation to the Garden of Eden include. Grecian mythologies garden of the Hesperides. is similar to the Garden of Eden. Paradise in Persian means royal garden or hunting-park. And the Garden of Righteousness appears in Jewish mythology and is said to hold be beautiful and glorious in the beginning and it will be beautiful and glorious in the terminal.

The Comparison

Creation myths across civilizations have several obvious similarities and differences. There is significant importance in the larger thoughts. such as gender. the function of the human existences. and the result of the creative activity. I find it intriguing that many of the fabulous narratives from around the universe have told a narrative where a God floods the Earth.

I think the inundation narratives in each myth may be a nexus between them. Creation myths concern our ascendants and Gods of nature ; the Earth. the sky. the Sun. the Moon. and the stars. They are supernatural accounts of human beginning and they help explicate what worlds could non explicate to replies inquiry about the creative activity of the Earth and adult male that could be passed on for coevalss. Our civilization and history would non be the same without the fabulous topographic point that surround the narratives of our creative activity.


The narratives of mythology in each different civilization have a sacred significance to the people of that civilization. Merely as the narratives have significances so do the topographic points the narrative surrounds. There are different types of sacred finishs. some may be similar some could be wholly different from one another. Regardless of their differences they are joined by the elements in each civilizations narrative. Each civilization has sacred topographic points that allow the people to travel beyond clip and infinite. to be joined with their God in their clip of worship or supplication.


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