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Estimated linking flight from Toronto to change: anyplace from 5hours- 2days based on air hose, for illustration when geting in the metropolis of connexion ( Barbados/ Trinidad ) most times the connexion air hose ( Lait ) is normally overbooked so your stay in any of these metropoliss can take a few hours to yearss.

Traffic is both ways on the right and left really little roads Lots of Waterfalls, River and Beaches, for illustration Concord Waterfalls, Annandale waterfall Grand anse beach southern portion ( tourist country ) , Leverea Beach ( Northern ) , Bathways ( Northern ) Westerhall located in St. David ‘s the great River on the eastern portion St. Andrew ‘s merely to call a few Grenada is a really bantam island, but the scenery is mind captivating.

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Skyservice and Air Transat Charters: fly ‘s straight From Pearson International Airport ( YYZ ) to Grenada Maurice Bishop international Airport ( GND ) it is a charter Airline that travel straight from Pearson International Airport during the summer clip from June to September and from November to first hebdomad in January. Cost of the airfare is normally around get downing about $ 899 – $ 1100 Canadian for two hebdomads to a 4weeks trip. Maximum weight on this aircraft is 100lbs and riders is allow a upper limit of 2pieces of baggage in the instance where the baggage is more than the specify weight the air hose will take it at their discretion at a fee of approximately $ 5 a kg, but sometimes the air hose will non let any corpulence once more less baggage. Travel clip to finish is about 5hours 35min

Air Canda: Air Canada: Recently added charters direct flights on Sundays merely from Pearson International Airport from December 19 and terminals on April 11 to Maurice Bishop International Airport at a really expensive rate comparison to the other air hoses. Menus start anyhow from 1100CAD to 1700CAD included all revenue enhancements and other fees and up maximal weight about 100lbs in combined baggage of 2pieces. Flight from Toronto to Grenada is about 5hours 17mins

Connecting Flights to Grenada

Caribbean Airlines: Make non wing straight to Grenada, but you have the pick of connexion through any of the Caribbean Islands, but most visitants or locals connect via Adams Grantley Airport in Bridgetown Barbados ( BGI ) or Port of Spain Trinidad ( POS ) depending on your pick. The first part of your flight can be paid straight with the travel bureau from Toronto to Barbados or Trinidad but you have the options of buying the 2nd half or the linking part of the flight can be purchase straight by naming on online with lait it will be much cheaper making it yourself the first part of the flight is around $ 700- $ 899 Canadian so from Trinidad or Barbados onwards to Grenada Maurice Bishop international Airport is about $ 200- $ 300 US once more maintain in head if it is a busy season for illustration Carnival or Christmas times the monetary value can be more than in the less busy clip of the twelvemonth. Travel clip to Grenada from Toronto to Barbados or Trinidad is about 5hours 17mins nevertheless the connexion clip between airdromes can be anyhow from about 1-12hours doing your flight to Grenada varies it can be in one hr or 12hours sometimes you can overnight on the airdromes as good.

Westjet: Passenger connect via Adams Grantley Airport in Bridgetown Barbados ( BGI ) The first part of your flight can be paid straight with Westjet air hoses via telephone or online at or with your travel agent in Toronto on the other manus unlike Caribbean Airline Westjet does non let rider the option to buy the liat part of the ticket because Liat is a local Caribbean domestic aircraft, but westjet is a Canadian Aircraft which interfere with Government ordinance. Caribbean Airlines on the other manus is a Caribbean based air hoses that has the right to make linking flights with liat. When buying your linking flights watch out that you do n’t buy a ticket with liat that is excessively close to your reaching or going clip for illustration if you have a flight from coming into Barbados at 1pm brand certain the linking part of your flight gives you about 3hours to acquire your baggage go to in-migration because Westjet is non responsible for transporting your baggage from one Airline to the other and if you lose your flight because of your ain personal ground you will hold to either pay $ 200US to acquire on a following flight or in some instance buy a new ticket. Besides when booking your flight with liat support in head as good that since you are booking online or on the phone flights are normally over sold and when you get to the airdrome you will be placed on base pass. Flying clip varies based on connexion information and agenda. It can take 1-24hours to get to concluding finish. Flight cost varies it can be every bit low as $ 500- $ 1000US included all revenue enhancements and other fees

Air Canada: besides start offering linking flights from Toronto to Barbados so connects with liat. Before you could buy a flight with Air Canada to Barbados but Air Canada was non able to book a flight linking to Grenada with Liat, but late Air Canada add this characteristic.

What you should cognize when altering planes

Customers change plane in Piarco Airport in Trinidad ( POS ) or Adams Grantley Airport Bridgetown Barbados most of the linking flights from Trinidad and Barbados to Grenada done through a much smaller Aircraft name Liat that offers domestic flights within the Caribbean, but please maintain in head there is other air hoses for illustration air Jamaica and some instances American Airlines. Besides when linking there is besides the option of linking done Sea every bit good there is ferries that offer services to Grenada from both Trinidad and Barbados at a really sensible rate depending on the season going as the air hoses the flights to Grenada can be low in the off peak seasons for illustration Grenada Celebrates in one-year Carnival in the summer clip get downing around the stoping of June up to about the first hebdomad in September if going to Grenada during those times and Christmas you will detect a large alteration in the monetary values of your air hose ticket, Ferries, leases and besides hotels. Now you are in a much smaller island there is something ‘s to maintain in head. Once you change plane in Barbados or Trinidad there is the fact that your baggage size weight will increase every bit good because this are non international air hoses they are domestic island. In most charter and regular air hose to Grenada from Pearson International Airport let you to transport a upper limit of 100lbs but one time you arrive to link to the domestic air hoses you are merely allow to transport 50lbs doing your baggage addition by half the original weight and in order to hold the baggage continue on with you on the trip you need to serve out some existent money it ‘s about $ 5 us dollars a kg so if you have that excess 50lbs you will pay about $ 150us to acquire the balance of your baggage on and since the aircraft is so little you will be lucky if that excess baggage will get with you to Grenada. ( A word of advised when going to Grenada lest baggage more money )

Two Hotels in Grenada

Spice Island Beach Resort: Is located on the celebrated Grand Anse beach where the sand feels and look like white Sugar the hotel is about 15mins off from the International Airport and about 20min off from the Capital of St. George ‘s. Spice Island beach resort contains over 60 egos contain suites.

Cost: $ 300- $ 600 per dark in low season

Cost: $ 600- $ 2000 per dark in the extremum season Carnival and Christmas.

Please add 10 % for services charge and 8 % Government charge. Breakfast, Lunch and dinner are included in these monetary values and Children under 4 old ages eat and remain for free as good. The hotel is located in a tourer country and has several other hotels near by.

Topographic points and stores near by:

The celebrated Spice promenade with several shopping shops, for illustration

Grand Anse Beach

Western Union

Food Fair Shopping Centre

Grocery Store,

Clothing shop,

places store


Police Station

Kentucky fried Chicken ( KFC )

Mario ‘s pizza

Chinese eating house Italian grill nutrient

Other hotels

Locals selling local and tasty homemade drinks from the local tropical fruits for illustration pine apple, coconut, Mangifera indica and so on.

Comfortss Included

Conference room.

Meeting suites

Chapel for nuptialss and service,

Spa, Sauna, Swimming pool, tennis tribunal, room service,

Baby sitting

High velocity cyberspace

Fitness nine

24hour room services.



Coffee marker

This hotel is for the travellers and locals who enjoy both indoor and out-of-door activities from fishing, plunging, golfing, H2O athleticss merely to call a few and besides for the traveller who like to merely loosen up and bask a more restful holiday possibly merely puting on the beach or traveling for quiet ambles on the beach or merely soaking in the Sun.

Paradise Bay Villa Resort: is located in La Tante St. David ‘s about 25-30 proceedingss form from the Airport and the metropolis of St. George ‘s it contain about10 Villas tuck in the beautiful Mountain View.

The comfortss:

Cable Television

Restaurant on premises

Hot and cold H2O

24 room services



Outdoor pools




Outside saloon

Weddings parties

La Tante room Cost: $ 250- $ 325 in the low season and about $ 500- $ 1000 in the high season. This room has its ain kitchen and ain Jacuzzi.

Topographic points and stores near by:


Local stores

Church ( Pentecostal )

Westerhall rum distillery

Westerhall Secondary Schools

Western Union

Deyna ‘s City Inn: The hostel is located in the hot of the metropolis on Melville Street. There are about 14 suites and all named after the parishes and town and the other island that make up Grenada for illustration St. Georges, St. Patrick ‘s St. Andrew ‘s Carricou and so on. The Inn is Located about 20mins from the international airdrome in a normal traffic thrust or 25-30mins in first-come-first-serve hr Deynas is handily on the southern side of the state in the Capital metropolis of Grenada. “ Housed in a historic edifice, we afford you a premium holiday experience with a “ place off from place ” feeling at low-cost monetary values. ” ( Deynas City Inn )



Cell phones ( at excess cost )

Cable Television

Internet Service


Indoor eating house


Weeding room

Conference room


Babysitting Service ( Extra fee )

Lunch and breakfast Buffet manner

Near by are:

Fish house where you can purchase all kind of fish,

Government edifices ( NIS National insurance Scheme office, etc. )

National Stadium

Seaport where tourer and locals all meet and mingle

Banks ( Scotia Bank, Capital Bank of commercialism as Royal Bank etc )

Bus terminus coachs to any portion of the Island unrecorded signifier the terminus and back to the terminus.

Western brotherhood in the Esplanade Mall

Church ( Catholic and Anglican and Pentecostal )

Esplanade Mall

Schools ( Primary and Secondary School )

Pharmacy ( Government and private )

Grocery ( Foodland )

The Market Square where we can purchase veggies, fruits

St. Georges Room: the most expensive of all the suites

Cost: $ 250 USD- $ 375USD in low season per dark, and about 450USD-700USD in the extremum season particularly at Carnival clip

Deynas Inn entreaties: To visitor ‘s s and locals who like the busy paced life and besides where it is easy to catch the coach or the ship for person who do non be after on leasing a auto everything is close by.

Interested Facts about Grenada

Soon the Prime minster of Grenada is call Tillman Thomas

Grenada is known as the spice island or the Isle of spice of the Caribbean ( because of the huge bulk of spices for illustration, Vanilla, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Cloves, Curry pulverization, black Piper nigrum etcaˆ¦aˆ¦

Second smallest Island in the Caribbean after St. Kitts and Nevis.

Grenada is a really peaceable topographic point to go visitants and locals can walk any clip in Grenada and experience safe and free.

In Grenada drive is on the left.

Grenada is located 62degrees West of the Equator, and 12degrees North.

Grenada addition independency in 1974 in February

The island has 6 parishes and 5 towns

Grenada is a tri island intending it is made up of three little Island Grenada Carricou and Petite Martinique. Locals and visitants travel from one island to the other via boats and little aeroplanes.

The three chief produce export of Grenada is Nutmeg Cocoa Nutmeg and Banana doing Grenada the Spice Island of the West Indies.

Mount St Catherine is the highest mountain in Grenada

In 1983 Grenada was invaded by the Americans and other Caribbean Island.

Grenada has two season Rainy season and Sunny season.

Grenada has many rivers, waterfalls and beautiful beaches.

Every twelvemonth Carnival is celebrated in Grenada Similar to Caribana anticipate the jubilation goes on for a much longer clip and more people take portion.

Grenada population today is about 80,000

In Grenada no affair where you come from everyone live like a large happy household Peaceful and friendly environment.

The island is about 133square stat mis.

Grenada functionary Language is English, but some elder folks still continue in the Gallic terrace idiom.

Time Zone – Coordinated universal time

Does the state detect daylight nest eggs clip? No

GMT -4

State dialing country Code- 473

Airport Code – GND

Airport Name – Maurice Bishop International Airport ( once Known as Point Saline International named after the Prime minster that was killed in 1983 during the invasion.

Currency of Grenada – Eastern currency $ 1 Canadian dollar is equal to about $ 2.67 Eastern Currency EC, but alterations with the stock market.


Bounders Hills ( besides known as Caribs ‘ Leap ) -This attractive force is a really great piece of history of Grenada. It was located in the northern portion of Grenada In the parish of St. Patrick ‘s in the Centre of business district or what is known as Sauteurs, where life is at a really slow paced. It is where the first set of people or native ‘s known as the Carib ‘s leap or spring from the top of a immense hill overlooking the sea to get away from the Gallic turning them in to slaves. It is free to go to this attractive force ; nevertheless there is the St Patrick Catholic Church stopping point by that you can go forth a contribution as you wish.

Hours Of operation: This attractive force is unfastened to the general populace and there is no fix clip you can see at anytime you wish to make so.

Type of Visitor to this attractive force: Anyone who wants to research or person who wants to understand the history about Grenada.

Grand Anse Beach – one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. The beach is located in the Capital metropolis of Grenada and is about 3miles long on white sand and Crystal clear Waterss which sometimes look bluish because of the contemplation of the sea. The beach is besides located in the country where most of the tourer or visitants lodge or corsets. “ Its a glimmer 2mile ( 3Km ) hemicycle of white sand lapped by clear, gently. Sea grape trees and coconut thenars provide fly-by-night flights from the Sun. Brilliant rainbows often spill into the sea from the high green mountain that frame St. George`s habour to the North. “ ( Fodor`s 272 )

Hours Of operation: This attractive force is unfastened to the general populace and there is no fix clip you can see at anytime you wish to make so.

Type of Visitor to this attractive force: Anyone who loves swimming in salted fresh H2O and love H2O athletics.

Cost Of Attraction: Nothing expect if you are leasing a chair on the beach which is about $ 10.00 EC or $ 5USD.

Grand Etang National Park and Reserve: This Park is located in the center of St. Georges and St. Andrews and is approximately 36 estates of dark bluish H2O. It is besides known for it some of the tropical and wild life animate beings for illustration Monkey, crocodiles, alligators, serpents of all can etcaˆ¦ . There is besides a local tourer store and a guide circuit operator to help you in the park. Besides a hike trail is in the park. The park is besides encircling by beautiful flowers and colourful Vegetations from Oranges, Papaya, and Mangoes pineapple merely to call a few.

Type of Visitor to this attractive force: Visitors or locals who like to research fascinated by wild life and loves boosting and the out-of-doorss.

Hours Of operation: from 8:30am to 4pm day-to-day weekend included.

Cost of Attraction: $ 1EC for locals – $ 5US for visitants.

TWO alone festivals:

Carnival- The activity takes topographic point around the center of July ( the carnival set launches where the set members create the colourful costumes and other pieces for illustration the floats and so on. The full festival wholly ends about the first hebdomad in September because every nine or party topographic point holds its ain carnival after shows, but the average 4 yearss of the festival takes topographic point around the 9-12 of August each twelvemonth. Carnival is the biggest festival in the island and draws the biggest crowd each twelvemonth. It is besides the biggest beginning of income for the island visitants from all over the universe semen to Grenada for the Carnival. It`s one of the biggest ground and clip of the twelvemonth locals travel to Grenada to see friends and household ( VFR ) . The jubilation brings in a whapping income for the island each twelvemonth. This event takes topographic point all over the island every parish has its ain version of the jubilation, but the biggest festival in the carnival takes Topographic point in St. Georges the capital metropolis for illustration the crowning of the queen, where beautiful intelligent immature ladies from each parish compete against each other to derive the rubric of Miss Grenada and The King show where the vocalists whether it is male or female compete by singing to derive the rubric of the Carnival Soca King. The locals of Grenada celebrates the festival by organizing sets or confederation with neighbours and friends for illustration on jovuert forenoon a portion of the carnival where the locals dress themselves about naked and paint themselves in old oil from autos but since it s a wellness hazard the Government tries to present them to utilizing pigment of different colourss instead than utilizing the old oils. The locals will so show or expose any concern they have with the Government or any other concern they might hold for illustration the nurse or physicians and frock themselves in nurses outfits physicians, Lawyers politician merely to call few ( as the same a Halloween ) and dance in the street barricading traffic soiling anyone who they finds clean or who seem scared to be soiled. Then you have the pretty mass last lap on Tuesdays where they bands compete against each other. Finally the short nee where the locals display the piece of Carnival where the slaves is free and goes from house to house inquiring for money and in return throws powder or flour on you to state thank you.

Fish Friday: This oculus capturing event takes topographic point each and every Friday of the hebdomad where locals and visitants flocks to the parish of St. John in the town of Gouyave to eat the lovely show of the local dishes prepared by locals of Grenada. At fish Friday you can happen any nutrient but the sellers tries to maintain it as seafood friendly as possible devising and fixing dish made from all types of sea nutrient for illustration Fry fish, lobsters soup, fish bars, runt ( Crayfish ) stock merely to call a few. Most of the fish comes from the parish of St. Johns itself. The parish of St. John where the Fish Friday takes topographic point is besides known as the metropolis that ne’er sleeps they are really fast paced and host other event on a day-to-day bases.

Two local Dishs:

Oil down: Grenada favorites dish or national Dish. It is mouth irrigating and really tasty The dish is made from Artocarpus communis, green bananas, taros, dasheen callaloo, meat of any sort but chiefly salted pigtail, salted beef, salt fish, lily-livered wings or chicken back, smoke herring, foremost you boil the salt-cured pigtail, smoke herring and beef taking all the salt off or you can soaked it over dark so you peel the veggies after you packed them in the pot in a circle so grate the coconut and Crocus sativus or fresh Turmeric so extract the milk by squashing and so striving it with a strainer after the coconut milk alteration from white to yellow because of the f Crocus sativus or fresh turmeric so add the coconut milk in the pot with the meat and veggies until all is covered so add the callaloo ( dasheen foliages ) , okra or any vegetable of your pick over it covering all in the pot. Finally topographic point on the firewood, stove or cold pot ( chalk coal in a Fe grill ) to cook on medium heat cooked for about 45mins-1hour depending on the coveted size or sum you are cooking for.

Green banana and saltfish alcoholic: This dish is really easy to fix and will be enjoy by anyone who eats it. First we peel the bananas grown from our local husbandman so by taking a knife and gnashing in from top to bottom so we remove the tegument so add it to a pot of boiling H2O with a pinch of salt and a spot of oil so the pot will non stain go forth it to boil for approximately 20mins while we prepare the salt fish for the salt fish we soak it over dark so boil it for approximately 2omins as good after so we boned it doing certain every bone is out so squash it up in really little spots and pieces so cut up some onions, Allium sativum, green onions, tomatoes, Cucumis sativuss, carrots, chou, any vegetable of your pick so in a separate pot put on low heat add the onions, Allium sativum, sweet and hot Piper nigrums, saute for approximately 5min so add other pick of Vegetable addition heat to medium after seting all the veggies add the salt fish so simmer for approximately 15mins when the banana is ready bit out the outside so cut into little pieces topographic point on functioning home base so add salt fish alcoholic over banana and served.

Two Local drinks:

Rum and coke: it is a must seek when in Grenada this fiery drink can besides be used as local redress to mend grippe and colds it is made from the local distilled rum in Grenada call Clarkes tribunal and can be found in about every place or store in Grenada if non for imbibing for merriment, but as a medicine. The rum is made from sugar cane. The locals drink it so utilize coke as a tracer to take away the fire gustatory sensation from their oral cavity. One can go really drunk easy so please drink with cautiousness it is 100 % cogent evidence of rum.

Lime and passion fruit assorted together: roll up fresh calcium hydroxide and passion fruit from the local market or straight from your garden wash good so squash attention deficit disorder H2O so sweeten with sugar add a small vanilla if desired ( known as kernel by the locals ) and serve.

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