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Alternative Air Freshener

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People nowadays, rely on factory made or ready-to-use products. Even if they spend a lot, it is alright for them because it is more easy to buy than to make one. Just like air fresheners. Air freshener is one of the important things that you should always have at home. We need this to eliminate bad doors coming from garbage, fishy foods, and etc. Disregarding the fact that it is expensive and its bad smell that can make us dizzy, still we buy it.


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Alternative Air Freshener
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Simply because we want our home to be presentable for our visitors, even for us. Commercial air fresheners is probably marketable on supermarkets everywhere, but we came up to this study to know if it is really possible to make use of some of our resources at home to make an air freshener. We chose this study to face the reality and make some recyclable resources really useful and to lessen our expenses without its effect causing any harm to us.

Statement and Objectives of the Problem Statement of the Problem: * Can the used fabric softener air freshener be as efficient like the commercial air rashness in the market? Will it be beneficial for people and the environment? Objectives: * To provide cheap and efficient air freshener * To create a product that could not Just help clean the air but could also help prevent insects that would not harm us. Scope and Limitations of the Study Upon conducting the experiment, this study has its limitation: we are only focused on our main ingredients because we observed that it cannot contain any other strong-detoured ingredient, otherwise, it would no longer eliminate bad doors but it could also produce a bad smell that would mix with the main problem.

If we add ingredients that would make the fluid as a little bit of insect repellent as well, the product might not work for we all know that insect repellent contains strong ingredients that may damage the detect tot our air terseness. Though, we are still trying to look for odorless component that would not affect the air freshener itself but would help us protect from insect bites. Operational Definition of Terms * Fragrance-can contain up to 400 ingredients, most of which have a long list of lath concerns from depression to headaches to skin irritations and beyond. Alcohol-an organic compound in which the hydroxyl functional group (-AH) is bound to a carbon atom * Baking Soda-a dry chemical leavening agent, a mixture of a weak alkali and a weak acid Significance of the Study This study is very important because this will help us utilize the used fabric softener, because they are already thrown after doing the laundry or to utilize the alcohol you bought that you didn’t like. Or to utilize the excess baking soda if your mom is already done cooking.

If this study is successful, this would lessen water pollution, because we are going to recycle the water instead of throwing it away. It would also help us save money to buy air fresheners which is a lot expensive compared in making your own air freshener. It could help poor people who wants to have a sweet smell in their houses but cannot afford to buy an air freshener. It could inspire more people to explore and discover alternative products that is cheaper compared to the products that are available in the market today.

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