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SAS Institute, Inc. (SAS) Is a World Renowned Software Company

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SAS Institute, Inc. (SAS) is a world renowned software company that garners high profits and is utilized by numerous major companies ranked in the Fortune 500 category. Executives of this company attribute their unprecedented success in the industry directly to their employees. SAS provides employees with industry changing work liberties and perks that have resulted in innovative work results and unwavering employee allegiance to the company. There are four factors SAS as a company addressed that changed the work behavior of employees into positive and motivated with constant creative output.

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SAS Institute, Inc. (SAS) Is a World Renowned Software Company
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The first factor, job performance, excels at this company due to management’s encouragement and support of the creation of new ideas and products by employees. 1 Their highly nontraditional insight is that workers instinctively and positively respond to an organization that routinely demonstrates that they matter and are individually valued. https://www.fastcompany.com/3004953/how-sas-became-worlds-best-place-work

SAS Employees are given liberty to create without restrictions and anything deemed a distraction in the pursuit of new business is removed.

I consider these actions by SAS management as a new business model; one that empowers innovation.

Employee retention at SAS is higher than the majority of companies in any industry. The turnover rate at this company is at an unprecedented low by any industry standard. SAS went against the standard business practice of eliminating positions and cancelling projects when their fiscal performance was lower than expected. They announced their refusal to lay off employees during low performing fiscal years. The result of this action built a dedicated staff member base. The stance bolstered loyalty throughout the company. Job security is one of the greatest stress relievers any employee could have. This retention action by SAS is one that I agree with; an employee who is aware that their position is secure can perform their job with confidence.

SAS management shows their consideration for the employees’ health by building gyms, tennis and basketball courts on job campuses to encourage exercise. Healthcare facilities are also on site of each location for use by employees and their families. The absenteeism factor (one of the four factors) at this company is extremely low; the management has taken action that shows they are compassionate to employees individual life challenges.

Organizational citizenship is encouraged and valued on the same level as great job skills at SAS. Managers show their employees respect by encouraging work creativity, building teams who make products that help build the company’s footprint in the industry, and taking a vested interest in the well-being of each employee. This results in an atmosphere where employees feel they are treated with respect. Employees who are treated fairly will perform zt levels that show they care about the reputation of the company.

The four factors SAS instituted to enhance their employee work behaviors have resulted in positive outcomes. The retention rate at the company is very high with a turnover rate below 3% (well below the industry standard). Job performance excels due in part to management paying attention to potential distractions and eradicated. Compassion for the wellbeing of the employees and their families by SAS’s provision of onsite healthcare facilities is unprecedented.

As a result, the absenteeism rate is extraordinarily low compared to other companies. Encouragement to work with other, volunteer and treat all employees fairly builds up the organizational citizen status. I agree that these four factors have made SAS a great place to work.

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