My Goal Is A Career In The Pharmacy Field

Pharmacy is a fast and ever-growing field. One of the many reasons why I would like to pursue a career in this field is due to the number of opportunities I will be exposed to. As a Doctor of Pharmacy I look forward to the many exciting possibilities that my future holds. With this being said I would like to talk about my motivations for the future first.

Throughout my first year in college and in high school I have always been interested in the human body and its function. What has always been especially intriguing to me was what happens when homeostasis in the body is disrupted and a patient needs to be treated. I have been particularly interested in how certain medications interact with the body systems when a patient is treated and the relationships that medications have with each other. It is for this reason that I am looking forward to explore the field of pharmacy as it applies to the human body. I would also like to take the opportunities given to me by doing research on specific medications and their effects on diseases that affect the body. With this being said, becoming a pharmacist is not just about medications and the human body functions. To me, it is also about being attentive to a patient’s well being.

I am interested in improving the quality of one’s health and becoming knowledgeable in the many topics related to healthcare. I want to be able to share my expertise with others who have questions through a career that is meaningful to me. A large part of who I am as a person comes directly from being concerned about the well being of others. Being a pharmacy technician at Wegmans has allowed me to gain experience with helping others and show me that others in the health profession share the same goals as I. I often notice how patients are more likely to come to the pharmacist with the questions that they have about medications they are taking and always leave with their questions answered and with a sense of reassurance.

It is a priority of mine to become someone that patients instill their trust in knowing that I will be actively involved in their care and will be able to answer their questions with the knowledge that I have gained. As soon as I realized becoming a pharmacist was a passion of mine I quickly began looking for opportunities to help me gain experience in the field. Starting when I was in high school I became a member of the Health Care Academy and as part of my service hours I volunteered at Buffalo General Hospital with many certified pharmacy technicians and pharmacists.

As I went on rounds with the technicians throughout the hospital and worked closely with them in the department I began to recognize the importance that pharmacy holds in the hospital. As they were paged to many codes throughout the day it became evident to me that without the pharmacist there is a key position that would be missing impacting the effectiveness of healthcare throughout the hospital daily.

It is for these reasons of being able to expand my career into many places and having a significant impact on someone’s life that makes me inclined to work hard and reach my goals. The reasons among my background and experience with the field prior to pharmacy school make me all the more interested in seeing what my future will hold in the school of pharmacy.

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