Science Fair Project

Where is your money going? Did you know over a million dollars go to waste from buying a ton of batteries that barely work. For my science fair project I am going to test the 4 most popular brands of batteries in America, Duracell, Energizer, Rayovac, and a Alkaline battery named Enercell. The problem is that big battery brands run out quick and you feel like a fool, because you fell for their false advertising. So to accomplish this I am going to test different brand of batteries by using a battery conductor. The battery brand Energizer is the worst battery I ever saw.

For people who like the Energizer batteries it must come to shock when u realize that materials that the Energizer batteries is made out of is zinc-carbon cells. In other words a dry battery which falls into the category of general batteries. Even tough they make over 5 billion dollars a year by selling their batteries. Then there is the Enercell battery which isnt that famous but the material it is made out of it is which is Akayline. No matter how much brain washing information the advertisements claim they are false as akayline isnt so different from general batteries.

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The akayline batteries as the modern version of the general. The only enhancement in that is that the electrolyte is mixed with a little more elements with makes the akyline in the battery stronger. Also there is the Duracell battery which is made out of Akayline, and Lithium. Which is the one best battery that I am testing. The final and last battery I am testing is the Rayovac which has quite a interesting history. Did you know that a Rayovac battey company used to make two of the batteries that I am testing. Such as the Enercell battery owners were Rayovac.

Also The Energizer battery company used to be bissuness partners. The company Rayovac is the last battery that I am testing which is made akayline. So I think that the Duracell and Rayovac batteries will end up as ties. I think that because both batteries last longer then the other two that I am testing because of the materials they are made out of. My hypothesis is that the Rayovac battery will be a tie with the Duracell battery. Now the question is, how does a battery work, and what makes it work? The first battery ever made was by Alessando Volta in the 1800’s.

Which was made by two discs silver and Zinc, a pasteboard made out of some akayline solution. The strips made out of metal, and at the end were small cups filled with mercury. From that people known worldwide about this invention, and tried to improve it. Until to this very day where people are still expeirmenting to improve batteries, and battery life. So now in our modern world lets find out what is a battery made out of. a battery is made out of mainly two parts which are Anode, and Cathode. The Cathode is made with oxide the Anode part of the cell is made out of oxide also is more oxidized then the Cathode.

A cell produces energy when the end of a Cathode, and Anode mix into a third substance that can conduct energy. The Anode attracts oxygen atoms which then creates an electric flow. The name of the third substance is called a electrolyte. However not all batteries have to be made with the same electrolyte. That is what makes a battery different like there is a lithium electrolyte, a akayline electrolyte and many other. Then of course there goes the other elements into the cells that make them a little more efficent. But mainly it matters about the type of electrolyte. D-Size Energizer battery * D-Size Duracell battery * D-Size Enercell battery * D-Size Rayovac battery * A basic small bulb nothing too big * A D-Size battery holder * And a stop watch * Tape The materials above are what you need to test the batteries which most you probably have at home. So all you need are four D-Size batteries, a D-Size battery holder, and a small light bulb. The estimated price amount for this expeirment should be no more then 15 dollars. Above are the trials I had on the cell before I did the final and last trial.

It seems that the Duracell lasted the longest during the second trial, and the first trial they came to a close tie. So for the final and last trial I would have to see how long the batteries last by doing the expeirment percisely as I can. The first battery I tested is the Energizer battery which lasted 6 hours, and 35 minuets. The second battery I tested is the Duracell battery which lasted 22 hours and 15 minuets. The third battery I tested is the Enercell battery which lasted 15 hours, and 2 minuets. The last battery I tested was the Rayovac battery which lasted for 24 hours, and 30 minuets.

The battery brand which lasted the longest out of the four of them was the Rayovac battery. My expeirment came to end, because all the batteries burned out. After all the batteries were done with testing I organizied them into a graph showing how long each of the batteries lasted. The outcome was that the Rayovac battery lasted the longest. I rejected my hypothesis because my hypothesis staed the Rayovac battery, and the Duracell battery will end in a tie. Which was wrong, because the Rayovac battery lasted longer then the Duracell cell battery.

However I overlooked the fact that the Rayovac battery wasn’t made out of just Lithium it was made out of Lithium Ion. Which is the most powerful energy provider in the market you can find. There is nothing that delayed or interfered my expeirment. Well one thing I would like to do if I were to do the expeirment over again would be doing more trials and testing them out more. Which I still found not necessary, because if I knew that the Rayovac battery was made out of Lithium Ion I would’ve stated that the Rayovac battery would win.

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