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The earth has been a harbor of life that dates back for many years, like a mother carrying a baby in her womb, like that mother the Earth provides us with protection from the worlds (materials, gases, and other elements that have the potential to harm us) with a well balanced combination of its own. Life on earth has been considered mysteries in so many ways for so long . And the truth is because we have no way of talking to someone that existed in that time we had no idea.

But fortunately through study of the earth and its fossils left behind it can tells us what it wants us to know . Like some fossils recorded where believed to be of a worm like organisms (metazoan) dated back some 680 million years ago. And over the next few million years or so through the extinction of species and earths evolution, we still remain. The Earth is a world of life in itself; it provides all that constitutes life as we know it. The Earth seems to know what we need for life, like oxygen and hydrogen elements that play an important role for all living creatures in some way.

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The allowances of light, air, water, and food are some of the key factors in maintaining life. From the trees, to the animals, to human beings we must all depend on the necessities of life in which the earth provides for us. For example at an early age we are taught to distinguish humans have lungs, and fish have gills, some amphibian break through pores from their moist skin. No matter how the animal is designed and SCI 151 Research Paper how it evolved throughout the years we still have a common dependent on the earth to allow us to breath, receive nutrients, and reproduce.

There are many cultures and religions explaining their version of the theories for the genesis of life. Back in Medieval times some Europeans believed that small creatures appeared without apparent external cause or reason from garbage or old clothes. An Italian physician named Francesco Redi proved this belief to be wrong. He proved that maggots came from flies that laid their eggs, rather than appearing without apparent external cause from garbage or old clothes. Genesis of life came from sunlight. An experiment was conducted by a student of Physics testing energy for rearranging atoms and molecules into organic forms.

The student Stanley Miller filled a closed glass container with a mixture of gases. A reservoir of boiling water was at the bottom and above it was an apparatus that caused sparks to pass through the gas mixture. Amino acids and other organic chemicals formed from the gases and water. Since then, there has been other more sophisticated research has been conducted synthesizing additional amino acids and even nucleic acids. These molecules organize into DNA and RNA encoding the genetic information of organisms.

There was a time when scientist believed that species developed gradually from one form to another but had no validity to make it happen. The theory of natural selection provides that method of evolution. The basic idea of natural selection is based on those organisms that are best suited to the new circumstances thrive and others will not. An observation by Charles Darwin SCI 151 Research Paper showed that some animals within a species had varied traits making some more suited for certain conditions. The theory showed that over time the better suited animals would thrive and the others that weren’t would die off completely.

Over time the better trait would dominate and then become a totally different creative like a fish becoming a frog. Although there is no doubt that variations within a single species are better suited to handle different situations. There has been some concern about the meaning of the natural selection. An example is the story about light and dark colored moths. The dark color moths found it easier to survive by blending in with the darkness. The light colored moths stood out and were easier targets for other animals. This resulted in the light colored moths becoming gradually smaller in population over time.

The dark colored moths became the larger population. This is an example of natural selection. When conditions are normal the balance of a certain species returns to normal as well. For example during dry seasons birds with tougher beaks survive because they can open tree bark and nut shells easier than birds with normal beaks. When the dry seasons is over the birds with normal beaks begin t make a come back into the population. These examples show that each animal type has different variations and can favor different animals at different times.

It also shows that variations that are the same are possible generation after generation changing the population right back to where it was. We know there are no new species only more or less of those that already exist. We have not had any scientific proof of a change in species. Although there have been natural selections there SCI 151 Research Paper are no known permanent changes. Scientist are still trying to understand long-term effects, they continue to use the birds and moths as examples of the theory of natural selection. The Earth continuously takes in and dispels energy from the sun and from its own core.

The Earth is an open system and evolutionary. These events are difficult to understand, however there are many theories that attempt to explain the evolution of life. We still are only partially able to explain the world as we know it today. People today are quick to rule out or even consider new unfamiliar ideas because the evidence is not as easy to understand. We are not exactly sure how the earth was formed; the earth began as accumulation of the solar system. During this time the only inhabitant of the earth was simple microscopic organism the size of modern-day bacteria.

New forms of life through natural selection exerted changes on the environment altering evolution. One of the most asked questions is in Astronomy is whether or not life, same intelligence or more intelligent than us, exists in the universe. There are many ideas and theories that suggest there are! NASA has been looking for Earth like planets for some time in our galaxy and the thought of galactic community may not be that farfetched. I mean there may not be aliens in their spaceships flying at light speed around the universe but scientist may have some insight on the possibility of inhabited worlds and intelligent civilizations.

Alan Boss who is with the Carnegie Institution suggests that there are one hundred billion Earth like planets just in our galaxy, and he made this calculation on just SCI 151 Research Paper the number of super Earths or planets that are much bigger than Earth but smaller than the gas planets that have been discovered so far circling other stars outside our solar system. The belief is if any of these many billions of Earth like worlds have liquid water then they may have some type of life.

This does not mean there will be dinosaurs or human beings but it is suspected that some will have some type of primitive life, like multi-celled creatures or even bacteria, just like what was on Earth about three billion years ago. So to answer the question, yes, maybe; the odds are likely there is something out somewhere. If not, that sure would be a lot of waste of space. Now we only have the understanding of the possibility of life in the universe is because of humanity search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Scientist and the human race want to know could we be the only intelligent beings in the vastness of space.

Or on the other hand could we be a little quiet humble race, not fully matured just sitting in the middle of many advanced civilizations? There is a quote that was used by two men, Giuseppe Cocconi and Philip Morrison, at the end of a nature paper they wrote “The probability of success is difficult to estimate, but if we never search, the chance of success is zero. ”, and here you now have the exploratory science known as SETI. SETI is the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence and their mission is to answer these unknown questions, and all that is out there are questions.

SETI believes they know the answers and when they find them, it will change the very nature of the human existence. Humanity is doing many things to find intelligent lie among the stars; SCI 151 Research Paper SETI is searching the skies with radio telescopes and you have Optical SETI who searches for signals in the visible light range. Also we have been broadcasting radio waves for the last seventy years; SETI is searching to see if there has been a response.


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