Self Care in Stress Management

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Humans or individuals as living creatures created by God with all their abilities and advantages compared to other living things, for example having a mind that can be used to think we need to be grateful. Just like staying and caring for yourself (self care) by utilizing the abilities we have. Every individual with the right conditions and conditions in accordance with the basic conditions that have an instinct also the body’s ability to be able to care for, protect, control, minimize and maintain that people can achieve optimal results for life and health, recover from illness or trauma or coping and its effects ( Nurhidayah, 2007) In addition, according to Orem (1995) selfcare is a very important concept in measuring a person’s ability and level of independence that must be achieved by patients.

Many of us have so much responsibility in life that we forget to take care of our personal needs, so it is difficult to prioritize something small in self-care, for example bathing. Self-care is an important aspect of stress management. This stress is because we are all less able to handle the pressure that comes toward us when physically and emotionally exhausted. A self-care can benefit both physically and mentally, taking a little time to do nothing to lose. Self-care as well as personal hygiene (bathing, dressing, oral hygiene, nail care), sleep needs and comfort of the bed, exercise activities such as exercise are very influential on stress management.

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First, self-care is taking a bath or taking a bath and taking a massage. Massage is the manipulation of the soft tissue, generally by hand, to stimulate and relax and reduce stress and anxiety (Craven & Hirnle, 2002) besides facilitating pumping of oxygen to the brain. Make regular patterns of daily life as well as maintain the cleanliness of the body by bathing at least 2 times a day, keeping the mouth mouthful by brushing your teeth 2 times a day, maintaining the cleanliness of the nails by cutting nails once every two weeks.

Furthermore, self-care by maintaining the needs of sleep and comfort of the bed. Sleep is part of healing and repair. The need to sleep is very important for everyone’s quality of life. Every individual has different sleep needs in quantity and quality (Potter & Perry, 2006). Achieving good sleep quality is important for health, as well as reducing stress. A person who experiences stress disorder sleep patterns can easily change and experience interference. Sleep patterns here are very important, not how long we sleep but how our sleep quality, when we wake up from sleep our body feels fresh. Besides that the cleanliness of the bed also affects the quality of our sleep, sometimes there is someone who cannot sleep if the room is messy. Therefore, room cleanliness must be considered by cleaning the room 2 weeks.

Finally, self-care by doing useful activities such as exercising. Based on a number of studies, exercise can help fight stress, anxiety, and depression. The more routine is done, the less likely a person will suffer from mental health problems (stress). When doing physical activity, the body produces certain hormones that make the mood better and the body becomes more relaxed. Good exercise will reduce stress, this is because exercise can stimulate the feeling of good hormone, endorphin, this hormone will provide a sense of calm, release tension, and reduce pain. Endorphins produced during exercise will replace stress hormones and make emotions more stable. According to Stevens, R.E et al, (2013) stress hormones namely cortisol will increase if someone rarely does sports activities as well as the level of stress will increase.

Based on the above, self care or self-care is very important, not only for physical needs, but also for mental needs. A person can deal with stress management by applying self-care or self care, for example self-care by bathing, cutting nails, brushing teeth to maintain personal hygiene, maintaining sleep patterns in order to get good sleep quality, maintaining room cleanliness so as to provide good quality sleep also, and exercise activities such as exercise that has many benefits. There are still many effective ways of self-care to meet the needs of life both physically and mentally.

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