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Sam Ty Fund Communication March 24, 2013 Self-Disclosure The things I would consider a low risk and share with most people would be my hobbies and what I like to do on my free time - Self Disclosure introduction. Demographic information such as my age, ethnicity background, education information like where I attend college and my major, would also be low risk things I wouldn’t mind sharing with most people. Items that are at a moderate risk would include my personal information such as e-mail, phone numbers and address. Other things that are moderate risk consist of childhood stories and embarrassing moments.

These are the items I would share with people I know well such are certain classmates, friends, co-workers, and extended family. Information such as feelings of emotion, sex life, conflicts and problems I’m dealing with would be considered high risk because I would only share that information with people that I trust intimately. My significant other, parents, and close friends would be people I trust the most. On the other hand, I would only share certain topics with each one depending on my relationship with them. For instance, I probably wouldn’t share certain topics with parents that I would share with my significant other or friends.


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What I recognize about my own self-disclosing behavior is that I tend to self-disclose more to those who self-disclose to me. Also, if questions are asked and I can sense that the person has interest in what I have to say, I will self-disclose more if I feel comfortable with the information I’m sharing. I would like to say I’m a private person when it comes to emotions and personal problems I’m having. I don’t feel comfortable telling most people or even people I know the high-risk items yet there are very few of the ones that I do choose to share that information with.

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