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Hamlet Outline

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Hamlet’s character revealed. a. The soliloquies show that Hamlet is an intelligent man being able to plot revenge on his Uncle, while giving the idea that he was insane. b. Hamlet’s loyalty to his father even in death is also shown in the soliloquies. c. Hamlet’s desire to kill himself is evident, but he is unable because of his faith. II. Act I scene ii a. Hamlet is upset that his mom remarried only two months after his dad’s death b.

Hamlet is in mourning, he mourns the death of his father, the hasty marriage of his uncle and mother, and also that he cannot kill himself as he desires to c.

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Hamlet is a romantic, seeing the love his parents had, but this changes after his mother remarries, which also makes him question women in general, which ruining his romantic side. III. Act II scene II a. Hamlet is very critical of himself when he does not kill his uncle; He has a high standard for himself, showing he is very committed to the promise he made with his father’s ghost.

b. Hamlet devises a plan to capture the guilt on the face of his uncle while he watches the play, showing that he has the patience and the determination to seek his revenge. IV. Conclusion a.

Because of Hamlet’s faith, his behavior has been altered from exacting complete revenge on his nemesis. b. The death of his father so shattered Hamlet’s life that he could not put the pieces back together, and it not only affected him, it had tragic repercussions for all close to him, especially in the life of his mother and Ophelia. c.. Hamlet was able to keep his suicidal thoughts at bay and even though he did not exact complete revenge he was able to avenge his father’s death keeping his loyalty in tack d. Although Hamlet showed some irrational actions or thoughts, he scrutinized other subjects intently which helps affirm his intelligence.

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