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The speaker explains that playing volleyball is about being part of a team and showing your skills to the crowd. When on the court, players focus solely on the game and leave everything else behind. The speaker then discusses their personal experience with volleyball, starting when their elementary school coach introduced them to the sport. Playing volleyball has helped the speaker face hardships, overcome injuries, and become a better person physically, mentally, and emotionally. Volleyball also provides a safe environment to channel any frustrations and helps players take things one step at a time. The speaker concludes by highlighting the importance of volleyball in their life and how it has helped them grow.

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For me when I play its about being a team, going out there and showing yourself and the crowd that you know what you’re doing. In the time you are on that court you leave everything behind you and focus on one thing: playing your game no matter the outcome and leaving everything on the floor. Transition: But I’ll get to how this all started and how it’s helped me develop into the person am today. Body: 1. Starting out a. My Elementary School coach introduced me to the game and I was instantly hooked i. as a very lanky and very tall 7th grader who hadn’t found nything that really sparked my interests, From gym classes my teacher knew that loved being active so she told me that I should play volleyball for the team, so I convinced my Mom that it was a good idea and went out to practice. Transition: Starting out I didn’t quite know what was getting myself into or just what I was about to learn, 2. Helps you face hardships and diversity a. In the world of sports injuries and adjusting to new teams happens all the time and just thinking about getting back into your favourite game after an njury just fuels your want to be better and heal faster.

When step on that court, whether for a game or just a practice, can forget about everything going on outside of volleyball in my life and just focus. If I’m frustrated about something I can take it out on the ball and put that energy into making myself a better player. Transition: There’s a lot more I could tell you to explain why volleyball is so important to me but I only have so much time to talk. Conclusion: I could go on a lot longer about why the sport of volleyball is so important to me but I think you all get the point.

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It built me and continues to push me into ecoming a better person physically, mentally, and emotionally, gives you something to take any anger you have out in a safe environment and for an important reason. Also helps you with hardships you may face in your life and doesn’t let you forget to take things one step at a time. There are times that I re-evaluate why I play this sport and put so much time into it but, like in this speech, I always come out of those thoughts with a ‘sit of things that just makes it more important to me. References: Quotes that have to do with my examples and main ideas… just have to find them again..

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