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Sergeant York Movie Review

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York was arguably one of America’s most decorated World War I soldiers. Sergeant York is a movie about his life and heroic acts. He struggles between his religious beliefs and patriotic duty. Originally from a small town in Tennessee, the movie starts by depicting York as a young farmer supporting his mother and siblings. He works very hard on the farm, so when he was denied a very good piece of land he almost takes out revenge.

When he gets struck by lightning during a rainstorm, he goes through a religious rebirth and vows to be a better husband and provider.

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Sergeant York Movie Review
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York didn’t believe in killing due to his religious beliefs, so at first, he is reluctant to join the Army for World War I, but is later convinced by Pastor Pile. He agreed to sign up hoping that he wouldn’t have to kill anyone, and then went to France. On October 8, 1918, during an attack by his battalion to capture German positions, his actions would make history.

Under German fire, his friends were being shot down all around him, and York found himself with only eight other troops. He puts himself in charge, and his marksmanship and belief in God and country led to his incredible battlefield action. He somehow finds a way behind the German lines and begins shooting relentlessly until the Germans surrender. He held a German officer at gunpoint and ordered the Germans still fighting to surrender.

York and his eight other troops captured 132 German soldiers. York arrived to America with a parade thrown and a banquet dinner in his honor. When he returned to his hometown in Tennessee, he was given a house fully paid off by the state. Furthermore, he was awarded the Medal of Honor. Even though this movie would probably be considered “slow” by modern standards, it is a very patriotic story. For a movie filmed in the forties, I was very drawn into the story.

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