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Bible Sermon on Greed

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  • Pages 2
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    There is a time in everyone’s life where a person has caught themselves thinking of all the things they would do with money if they had more of it. If a person isn’t careful this thought can easily consume their every desire. Proverbs 28:25 says, “A greedy man stirs up strife, but the one who trusts in the Lord will be enriched. ” Greed is an addiction, it explains where the common saying arose, “greed is the root of all evil. ” The consumption of greed does not lead to good things and I will prove it to you in the bible.

    Rest assured that God gives us a way out and a way to break free from its grips. There are so many good things that will be rewarded to you if you trust in the Lord. According the Webster’s dictionary greed means, “A selfish and excessive desire for more of something (like money) than is needed. ” When people try to name a person who is greedy they think of the obvious, like Bernard Madoff or other scam artists. These would be people at the more advanced stages of greed but I am here to talk about the root of greed.

    I think you will be surprised because many of us struggle with this. Simple things like wanting a house like your neighbor. (Ex 20:17) If you want something that is not yours and you take it, this is another form of greed. (Joshua 7:20-21) If you hold onto things, if you believe things are so important and you do not share, this is greed. (Proverbs 21:26) Take some time to evaluate your heart to see if this could be you. Every sin has a consequence, big or small, there will be aftermath. Such sin does not jeopardize your salvation which is a huge positive.

    These consequences are to draw you closer to God, to make you more like God, and get rid of negative holds on your life. Greed is one of the commonly known seven deadly sins. Those who are greedy can cause trouble in the home. (Proverbs 15:27) People who struggle with greed can expect strife and arguments. (Proverbs 28:25) Shedding of innocent blood, oppression, and violence tend to be affects of greed. Just imagine your world centered on the want of money. Many illegal acts follow and they snowball into even worse things. Greed can turn people into selfish monsters.

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    How do you overcome greed in the Bible?
    1 Have attitude of gratitude; focus on what you have, not what you don't have. 2 Become immersed in the scriptures, pay full tithing. 3 Realize material blessings will not bring peace in this life or joy in the eternities. 4 Develop charity; be willing to give, share.
    Is greed the root of all evil?
    This is actually a paraphrase from the writings of the Apostle Paul as found in the King James Bible, 1 Timothy 6:10: “For the love of money is the root of all of evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”
    What are dangers of greed?
    Far too often, greed comes with stress, exhaustion, anxiety, depression and despair. In addition, it can lead to maladaptive behaviour patterns such as gambling, hoarding, trickery and even theft. In the corporate world, as John Grant wrote, “fraud is the daughter of greed.”
    What is greed according to the Bible?
    Biblical commentator John Ritenbaugh describes greed as a “ruthless self–seeking and an arrogant assumption that others and things exist for one's own benefit.”

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