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Seven Habits Reflection Sample

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I liked the book because it had many anecdotes from the writer and narratives from other people. It helped me to associate because a batch of the narratives sounded similar to things traveling on in my life. I had read Sean Covey’s book before but I did non retain the information. This clip. when I read it I really read and thought about the words that had been written and I took them in. I compared all of the wonts to my life and I feel like I might really do a alteration in my life and theoretical account after some of the seven wonts.

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Seven Habits Reflection Sample
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The cardinal thoughts of the book were the seven wonts ; be proactive. get down with the terminal in head. hold a win win attitude. seek foremost to understand than to be understood. synergize. sharpen the proverb. and put foremost things foremost.

I liked Sean Covey’s manner of authorship because he wrote in a manner that was simple and easy to read.

He did non utilize words or phrases that were complicated and he explained things in a really clear manner.

I would rate Sean Covey’s “7 wonts of a extremely effectual teen” with 3 and a half stars. ContemplationWhen I was originally assigned to read a book called “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens” I must acknowledge I was disbelieving. I didn’t see myself to be one of “those people” who needed self-help books. After reading the book for five proceedingss I realized that I merely thought this manner because I was used to a narrow paradigm. I focused entirely on facets of life that were contained within my “comfort zone” . and I’ve since realized that though my life isn’t needfully bad the manner that is it. there is ever room for betterment. And so I assign to watch to video that Sean Convey presented about this book. The picture and the book have a complete different from what I had read but it have the same significance. For the first clip I listen to presentation I wholly don’t understand what he speaking about at all. It is because of the linguistic communication barrel. It’s difficult to listen to what he said but after I had been listen at place 2 times once more I can understand some point he had talked about. Personally. I liked this presentation. It’s practical. it’s merriment. it’s attractive and it entreaties to the common individual.

The writer. Sean Covey. can ever endorse up what he says. He talked from experience and can associate to adolescents. His illustrations prove to truly back up what he has to offer. One of import point the picture Teachs me is how to form clip and work in a functional manner. without kicking or shouting your wretchednesss out. Rather than be negative. we are urged to be positive and work towards our ends. Furthermore. we are urged to cognize precisely what those ends are and how we plan on obtaining them. His presentation attracted me on the point “Character Ethic” he had been said that we can’t have trustworthiness unless we work on character. And use it to myself it is merely like me for the first clip that I lead on the way for my friends but that keep ignore me. and now I know the ground why they keep ignore. It’s because I have ever joke around with the left and right way. Now I know one thing I should working on. Listen to his address. it’s taught me a valuable lesson. and I genuinely appreciate it.

Thank You Sean I can be the better individual for tomorrow. And the other wont is “Habit 5 – Seek First to Understand. Then to be understood” taught be to listen in a more effectual mode. Though I’m likely non the greatest hearer in the universe. I’m working to better it. I enjoyed making this apply all of it to my ain criterions. and in making so I feel I understand precisely why you ( Dr. Kol Pheng ) chose this book for this category. “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens” applies to the existent universe. I know this from my ain research. and I have found these Habits being carried out in concern and in life.

I found it really interesting looking into different companies and using my cognition of the 7 Habits to them. I feel it gave me deeper penetrations into the books ideals and helped me to appreciate them to a great extent. And now I sit in forepart of this paper and inquire how to complete off this essay. I truly experience enlightened. and yet I’m lacking words for closing. Finally. I decided that a quotation mark by Henry Ford would allow to complete with. “Always demanding the best of oneself. populating with award. giving one’s endowments and gifts to the benefits of others – these are the steps of success that endure when stuff things have passed away” . This is all that I can explicate from what I learn from his presentation. And Thank Again to Dr. Kol Pheng. Ven Penh Vibol. and Sean covey that taught me how to value my life.

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