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The Effects of Study Habits on Academic Performance Sample

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This survey identifies whether survey wonts bring positive or negative effects to the academic public presentation of pupils. This survey gives sufficient information on which survey wonts bring high General Percentage Average of pupils.

IntroductionThe extent of student’s acquisition in faculty members may be determined by the classs a pupil earns for a period of larning. It is believed that a class is a primary index of such acquisition. If a scholar earns high classs it is concluded that they may besides hold learned a batch while low classs indicate lesser acquisition.

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The Effects of Study Habits on Academic Performance Sample
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However. many experiences and surveies found out that there are besides several factors that would account for the classs. No individual factor can be decidedly pointed out foretelling classs. It has been interplay of so many factors – gender. IQ. survey wonts. age. twelvemonth degree. parent’s educational attainment. societal position. figure of siblings. birth order. etc. In fact. about all of bing environmental and personal factors are variables of academic public presentation.

However. at this point in clip. the research workers would wish to look into the possible relationship of survey wonts and the factors impacting it to the academic accomplishment of undergraduate Accountancy pupils of La Salle University. The probe on this country therefore becomes a existent and compelling motive for the research workers to carry on this survey.

Conceptual Model


Figure 1 Show the conceptual model of the survey.

Operational Model

Figure 2 & A ; 3 Operational Model??

Review of Related Literature

Harmonizing to Palm Beach Community College ( PBBC. 2008 ) . they recommend that student’s survey should hold at least three hours out of category for every hr spent in category. They besides said that a pupil must hold a particular topographic point to analyze with plentifulness of room to work. And pupils should non be cramped. They presuppose that survey clip will travel better if a scholar take a few proceedingss at the start to unbend things up. A desk and straight-backed chair is normally best. “Don’t acquire excessively comfortable–a bed is a topographic point to kip. non to study” as what they said. A pupil must hold everything near at manus ( book. pencils. paper. java. dictionary. computing machine. reckoner. tape recording equipment. etc. ) before get downing to analyze. Students are non suggested to pass on clip leaping up and down to acquire things. The PBCC suggests besides that deflecting noise should be minimized nevertheless they said that there are some people need sound and some similar silence. In this instance. a scholar must happen what works for him or her. Perpetrators are household and friends. See a “do non disturb” mark and turning on your replying machine is the manner besides to hold better survey wonts harmonizing to the PBBC.

Frank Pogue ( 2000 ) did a research undertaking to find why pupils fail. What he founds to be true in that survey habits study was that more than 30 old ages ago still rings true today–students fail because they do non cognize how to analyze. The best advice he can give is to develop sound survey accomplishments. He said that a pupil should do certain that he/she has a good survey environment. a good desk. a hardy chair. good visible radiation. comfy room temperature and a quiet ambiance. That means he/she should extinguish all external and internal distractions. Second. acquire a good overview of the assignment before get downing the work. Know what skills. facts and thoughts that are expected to get the hang and the land that are expected to cover. Start with most hard capable first. while the head is freshest and most receptive. ? Reading is an effort to absorb the idea of the writer and cognize what the writer is conveying ( Leedy 1956 ) . Analyzing is the reading of reading stuffs. Study wonts and accomplishments are peculiarly of import for college pupils. whose demands include clip direction. note taking. Internet accomplishment. the riddance of distractions. and delegating a high precedence to analyze.

Marcus Crede and Nathan R. Kuncel ( 2008 ) in their research at the University of Albany said that Study wont. accomplishment. and attitude stock lists and concepts were found to equal standardised trials and old classs as forecasters of academic public presentation. giving significant incremental cogency in foretelling academic public presentation. The meta-analysis examined the concept cogency and prognostic cogency of 10 survey accomplishment concepts for college pupils. They found that survey accomplishment stock lists and concepts are mostly independent of both high school classs and tonss on standardised admittances trials but reasonably related to assorted personality concepts ; these consequences were inconsistent with old theories. Study motive and survey accomplishments exhibit the strongest relationships with both grade point norm and classs in single categories. They besides said that Academic specific anxiousness was found to be an of import negative forecaster of public presentation. In add-on. important fluctuation in the cogency of specific stock lists is shown.

Tonss on traditional survey wont and attitude stock lists are the most prognostic of public presentation. whereas tonss on stock lists based on the popular depth-of-processing position are shown to be least prognostic of the examined standards. Overall. survey wont and accomplishment steps improve anticipation of academic public presentation more than any other noncognitive single difference variable examined to day of the month and should be regarded as the 3rd pillar of academic success. Harmonizing to the how-to-study. com ( 2009 ) . pupils who are really successful in their coveted calling have good survey wonts. It is stated in the web site that pupils apply these wonts to all of their categories. The web site besides recommends some tips in bettering survey wonts. The web site besides suggests that the pupil should seek non to analyze all the topics in merely a period. The web site besides added that if you try to make excessively much analyzing at one clip. you will pall and your perusal will non be really effectual. Space the work you have to make over shorter periods of clip.

Taking short interruptions will reconstruct your mental energy. A survey conducted by University of Kentucky was to find if the college success can be improved with the Student Attitude Inventory ( SAI ) . The stock list was developed in Britain and contains 47 points which attempt to place pupils in higher instruction on the footing of: ( 1 ) motive. ( 2 ) survey methods. ( 3 ) scrutiny technique. and ( 4 ) deficiency of distractions toward academic work. Students in six Kentucky community colleges were asked to show their attitudes toward survey wonts on the Student Attitude Inventory. There were 996 pupils in the sample population ( 413 males and 583 females ) . A step of ability ( composite American College Test mark ) and academic public presentation ( cumula grade-point norm ) were obtained for each pupil sampled. The Student Attitude Inventory did lend a statistically important sum of discrepancy beyond an ability step for males and females. ( Mark E. Thompson. 2005 )

Harmonizing to Mark Crilly ( 2000 ) . Successful pupils are able to equilibrate societal activities with good survey wonts. A recreation from surveies will relieve emphasis and assist prevent from going fatigued. He said that a pupil should do certain that he must take a interruption for an hr after surveies to run into with friends. to play some cards. work out at the gym. or to yak with a new familiarity. For this manner. that pupil will happen concentration when he make analyze. if he plans a societal activity afterwards. He said. “To develop a healthy societal life. develop everyday survey wonts. After supper. tote your books and prep to the library. happen a comfy and quiet niche. and survey for two or three hours. taking intermittent 10 minute interruptions every 45 proceedingss or so. ” Making friends with whom you portion similar survey wonts. and portion a tabular array or a survey infinite with them would be a best manner in developing survey wonts as what Mark said.

Statement of the Problem

?This survey is intended to happen out the survey wonts of 2nd yr. Accountancy pupils enrolled in summer as a factor of their academic public presentation. ?It besides aimed to reply the undermentioned inquiries:

1 ) What is the profile of the respondents harmonizing to:?1. 1 Time direction?1. 2 Environment?1. 3 GPA2 ) Did the independent variables significantly influence students’ academic public presentation?Null Hypothesis

?Based on the three particular jobs which are of concern of this research. job 1 is hypothesis-free. For jobs 2 and 3. nevertheless. the undermentioned nothing hypotheses were stated. ?Ho1: The independent variable does non significantly act upon the survey ???habits. ?Ho2: Time direction. environment and GPA do non hold a important ???influence on survey wonts

. Significance of the Study

?The research workers believe that pupils. peculiarly the 2nd twelvemonth Accountancy of La Salle University will be benefited from the findings of this apprehension of how their current survey wonts affects their academic public presentation. Likewise. it gives them a more focussed and clear position on how the specific behaviours related to their surveies influenced survey wonts. Consequently. this consciousness besides gives a much deeper apprehension of their egos as pupils sing that the college life is typically overwhelmed of developmental accommodation demands. Teachers. will besides be helped in understanding better the assortment of larning of their pupils. As such. it is hoped that they could make more effectual methods in learning their topics to assist pupils execute better in their faculty members. Future Researchers. they may be able to utilize the consequence of the survey in farther research similar to what the survey is. ?

. Scope and Restrictions

The range of this research is the 2nd twelvemonth Accountancy pupils here in La Salle University. The restrictions of this research are merely those pupils that are presently enrolled in summer. ?The survey focuses on the factors impacting survey wonts. act uponing the academic public presentation of the pupil. In this position. the research workers wanted to analyze the effects of survey wonts to the academic public presentation.

. Research Methodology

1. The Research DesignThe survey will utilize the study questionnaire in its effort to find. describe and analyze relationships between clip direction. environment. and GPA.2. Samplings and Respondents?Second twelvemonth Accountancy pupils who are enrolled in summer at La Salle University will be the sample size of the survey. The sample population is 48 pupils. Block trying method will be used.

3. Research Settings?The survey will be conducted inside the campus of La Salle University. Ozamiz City.4. Datas GatheringThe research workers ask the list of the names of 2nd twelvemonth Accountancy pupils from the Registrar’s office. Then. the research workers approached the pupils in the list and are given study questionnaires to be answered.

5. Instrument Use?A questionnaire composed of 7 inquiries is used to mensurate survey wonts and cognize the GPA of Accountancy pupil.

. Consequences and Discussions

?With 5 respondents. pupils holding a general per centum norm runing from 76-80 largely pattern analyzing yearss or darks before and survey at dark ( 9pm-12am ) or late dark ( 12am-6am ) . 100 % of these pupils study at an norm of 1-4 hours. Besides. most of these pupils prefer to compose lineations while analyzing and survey in their several sleeping rooms. Last. they prefer to analyze with silence. With 14 respondents. pupils holding a general per centum norm runing from 81-85. 50 % pattern dark before and survey at flushing ( 6pm-9pm ) . 64 % of these pupils study at an norm of 1-4 hours. Besides. most of these pupils prefer to compose lineations or repetition points out loud while analyzing and survey in their several sleeping rooms. Last. they prefer to analyze with silence.

With 22 respondents. pupils holding a general per centum norm runing from 86-90. 45 % pattern analyzing yearss before and survey in the eventide ( 6pm-9pm ) . 59 % of these pupils study at an norm of 1-4 hours. Besides. most of these pupils prefer to reiterate points out loud while analyzing and survey in their several sleeping rooms. Last. they prefer to analyze with silence. With 7 respondents. pupils holding a general per centum norm runing from 91-95 largely ( 71 % ) pattern analyzing yearss before and analyze at late dark ( 12am-6am ) . 57 % of these pupils study at an norm of 1-4 hours. Besides. most of these pupils prefer to foreground texts while analyzing and survey in their several sleeping rooms. Last. they prefer to analyze with silence. ?Based on the research conducted. the independent variable significantly influenced students’ academic public presentation. It is clearly shown in the differences of the survey wonts and General Percentage Average. Students with different survey wonts have different scopes in their GPA.

Decision and Recommendation

?In decision. pupils holding different scopes of general per centum norm have different survey wonts. Though they have some similarities. they have differences that help change the GPA. Besides. we proved through this research that study wonts. in one manner or another. affects the GPA of pupils. ?The research workers recommends. based on the research. that first. for pupils to assist achieve high GPA they could pattern. analyzing yearss before ( 2-5 yearss ) and survey tardily dark ( 12am-6pm ) . Besides. foregrounding text and analyzing in their several sleeping rooms with silence gives better consequences.


1. “The Prediction of Academic Achievement by The British Study Habits Iinventory” . Mark E. Thompson. 2005: February 16. 2009 ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. springerlink. com/content/w3715h5884172656/ )

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