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Shel Silverstein

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The Treaty of Versailles, imposed upon Germany, sowed the seeds of WWII, by taking away Germany’s territory and requiring the country to pay back enormous reparations to the winning countries.

January 10- Hitler was appointed chancellor by President Paul von Hindenburg.
– Nazi party rises to power.
– Hitler talks about his ideas of taking over land and purifying it.

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March 12th- First concentration camp opens at Oranienburg outside Berlin

April 1st- Nazis Boycott of Jewish owned shops.

May 10th- Nazis burn books in Germany.

June 7th- Nazi party declared official party of Germany; all other parties banned.

October 14th- Germany withdraws from the Disarmament Conference at Geneva,

October 21st- German Chancellor Adolf Hitler withdraws Germany from the League of Nations

January 26th- Germany and Poland sign the 10 year, nonaggression pact.

July 25th- Nazis murder Austrian Chancellor Dollfuss

February 2nd-The Gestapo is placed above German Law.

February 12th- Adolf Hitler decides the time is right for Germany to re-occupy the Rhineland.

October 25th- Rome-Berlin “Axis” alliance formed.

Battle of Britain- July 10th- October 31st
– An intense air battle between Germany and Britain
– Germany was overconfident and did little planning, so they expected to conquer Great Britain quickly.
– The Germans bombed Britain for months but clearly Great Britain had won and Germany was forced to postpone the rest of their invasion.
– This was the first battle in WWII that Germany had faced defeat.

Pearl Harbor- December 7th
– Japanese Navy struck the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor with a surprising and deadly attack

– It was the attack on Pearl Harbor that brought the U.S. into the war.
– The attack was supposed to be a preventive attack used to scare the United States from interfering with Japans’ plan to wage war against Britain, the Netherlands, and.

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