Should Geroge Have Killed Lennie Argumentative Essay

As people may know, George Milton is accused for the murder of Lennie smalls instantly killing him in the back of his head. But George is innocent and there was a method to this behind all this madness. First it must be understood that George had two decisions: To kill Lennie? Or let Lennie live and take him to trial? Since Lennie was George’s best friend whom he took care of all the time because he was mentally disabled so, obviously George did not want to watch his friend be tortured and killed in such an inhumane, harsh manner which explains why George would choose to take the law into his own hands. Of Mice and Men” written by John Steinbeck explains the story of two best friend’s George Milton a small guy, and Lennie Smalls a big guy that is mentally disabled. Lennie’s disabililtes often gets him into trouble like for killing Curley’s Wife but since he does not know his own strengths and because society doesn not understand it was not necessarily was not Lennie’s fault this is why George ended up shooting Lennie. George had to shoot Lennie because he had no other alternative, Curley would have shot Lennie, and shooting Lennie was the humane and best thing to do.

One might believe that George should not have shot Lennie because it was wrong and irrational because he could have been saved may have been saved given a better life. However, George should have killed Lennie because it was the humane thing to do. Since it was the humane thing to do Geroge shot Lennie for several reasons. Geroge shot Lennie to protect or save him from himself because Lennie did not own his own strengths.

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Lennie was killed by George out love and respect for him as a genuine person not by revenge or hatred towards him. Geroge cared for Lennie like a brother and thought that it is better for him to kill Lennie quick rather than for Lennie to die painfully and not knowing about their “dream” that they both shared. Second, George had no other choice. Lennie had a mental disability which made it even harder since society did not fully understand it so George saved Lennie from being misunderstood and treated poorly.

Another reason George had no other choice was that Lennie was not fully aware of his mental abilities as he was his physical strengths which often lead to Lennie getting in trouble like his one one incident that happened in weed before they came to the ranch. Also, aside from Curley’s Wife Lennie has killed other things before such as a mouse that he found, and a puppy on the ranch so Lennie could be a danger or potential threat to others on the ranch which would make sense to why George would have simply no other realistic choice but to kill him. Lastly, Lennie would have been shot regardless.

Curley wanted to shoot Lennie but if he were to have shot him Lennie would have died in fear and that is exactly what George did not want to happen. Csrlson had also wanted to shoot Lennie and Geroge might have remembered Carlson shooting Candy’s dog and after candy saying “I ought to have shot the dog myself”. George could have realized that if he did not shot Lennie himself than he would regret it just like Candy had. Lennie was so big that he unaware of his strengths and he could have hurt someone else again or he could have put his own life in jeopardy as well.

George killing Lennie was justified because George was Lennie’s best friend and Geroge knew that he Curley was going to kill Lennie anyways. George and Lennie both dreamed of living on a ranch together but because of both of their diasadvantages that dream would never be reached but it was something for them to look forward to in the future. Geroge did the best thing for Lennie because he had no other choice, Lennie was killed humanely rather than out of revenge, George wanted to kill Lennie himself so that someone would not shot him because George would not want to regret and feel more guilty about that situation.

In conclusion, George is innocent and he only killed Lennie because he cared and loved him. Geroge meant no harm towards him, he only wanted to help him by putting Lennie in a better place. If Geroge had not have killed Lennie the two of them would just on the run again for the rest of their lives. George knew that they couldn not keep running away forever and eventually Lennie would realize that their “dream” was never going to come true, and it was all just a story.

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