Compare and Contrast Lennie and Crooks

Don’t justice a book for its screen. In the book “Of Mice and Men” the people in the bunkhouse had their differences and similarities. Crooks and Lennie had their ain differences and similarities. Criminals suffered from racism while Lennie didn’t. Crooks was a alone adult male while Lennie had George, and both of them were outside of society.

Criminals suffer from racism. He lives entirely in his ain bunkhouse. Curley’s married woman treats him like if he was her slave, one clip she entered his room and started minimizing him because of his colour. He besides doesn’t goes to the “saloon” to play cards or hang out with the other cats.

Lennie has George they have person to number on. Tough George sometimes makes merriment of Lennie they still know person is at that place. On the other manus. Crooks has cipher to trust on. Besides, they don’t travel further their relationship.

They both remain outside of society. Crooks started being a hostile, he wanted to be entirely and didn’t allow anyone acquire into his room. Lennie is mentally retarded, this is what makes other people make merriment of him or he’s unable to make things. At last, they both rest in Crooks room because they don’t fit in the group of work forces.

As they weren’t the same they still had their ain differences and similarities, which made them, acquire together. Lennie had George but Lennie didn’t tantrum in the group that made him lonely and that’s one portion that brings them together, by solitariness. Peoples are non meant to be entirely, everyone is meant to hold person in their lives.

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