Six by Karen Tayleur Persuasive Speech

“One Car. One After Party. 6 People. 6 Points of View. But merely one result. ” An unbelievable secret plan. relatable characters. and a enigma that keeps you reading ‘till midnight. It is unlike any book I have of all time read before. ‘6’ by Karen Tayleur should be read by each and every one of you as it is a antic novel for adolescents and deserves to be studied by future class 10s. This novel has everything you could of all time desire in a great book: enigma. love affair. friendly relationship. play and more. The stoping is superb. I felt like I knew these characters and feared for their lives.

Straight off when reading this book we are given a secret plan which relates to a cryptic clang that happened on the dark of the twelvemonth 12 Formal. The book starts six months before this clang where the lone things we know is who was involved and when it happened. We don’t cognize how it happened and what the result is. It starts with Sarah stating her portion of the narrative. which begins with the characters happening a dead miss in the forests. As readers. instantly we are on the border of our seats. The writer decidedly used this to her advantage because non merely did it pull us in. but it besides made for an unbelievable secret plan.

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We are introduced to six characters: Sarah. the genius whose end is to do a difference in the universe ; Poppy. who believes she was born with psychic powers ; Virginia. your typical average miss ; Nico. the footy participant who loves a laugh ; Finn. your usual school hottie ; and Cooper. that chilled out cat who wants to be rich. Tayleur’s alone manner of composing allows us to truly associate and link with the qualities of these six characters. She has positioned them in a manner so we can hear the positions of every character. non merely one. “This is the narrative about how a auto with 6 seniors rolled on the dark of the twelvemonth 12 Formal after-party.

Although it’s non merely my narrative. ” ( pg 15-16 ) . As you can see through this quotation mark by Sarah. each character plays a critical function in the concluding result. The characters truly came to life this manner and it demonstrates what a enormous writer Karen Tayleur truly is. This book talks a batch about friendly relationship ; who’s friends with who. who’s pretense and who’s the enemy. Does this sound similar to reality? Poppy and Sarah are best friends in the novel. although frequently this friendly relationship is put to the trial as Poppy believes she was born with a power while Sarah has heard enough of it.

This friendly relationship is really realistic as sometimes we don’t ever agree with our friends nevertheless we know that they will ever be at that place for us. Just like Sarah is for Poppy. and Poppy is for Sarah. “School Highlights so Far: Meeting my BFFL. Sair. ” ( p7 ) . Early on you discover that Virginia is your typical average miss in this narrative. So it is really surprising when she invites Poppy and Sarah over one twenty-four hours. “Our lives could non be described as a Venn diagram. for Virginia’s circle of friends and mine had ne’er overlapped. ” ( p18 ) . As you continue to read you start to inquire. was she truly merely being friendly? Or was there something more behind that?

This book takes the jobs we sometimes face with our friends and turns them into an exceeding narrative. something that can be rather disputing. However in ‘6’ it has been done topographic point on. By the terminal of the novel. readers truly question the value of life and how it can be taken off in a affair of seconds. You are left with inquiries like how would I get by with losing my best friend? Or my sister? How would I experience if I was the 1 responsible? These are inquiries that some of the characters in 6 faced. and through Tayleur’s first-class authorship. you feel as though you are sing these events yourself.

For illustration. when she described the dead organic structure in the forests. you truly felt like you beside the organic structure yourself. Life is something that we all take for granted and it was something that person in this book besides took for granted. “Poppy believed in destiny. I guess it was destiny that threw the 6 of us together. if you believe in that kind of thing. Or destiny. Fate or destiny—is there truly a difference? ” ( pg 16 ) . Using these different constructs of life made for a really effectual novel that makes everyone who reads it halt and believe about who they are as individual.

I don’t want to state excessively much about this novel because. like all enigmas. the terminal is the best portion. The manner the writer presents the values of friendly relationship and life allows adolescents to truly take a measure back from world. By holding six chief characters. there is decidedly at least one that you can link to. whether it be Sarah. Poppy or Cooper. I think that is the best thing about this novel: that it has something for everyone. I personally guarantee that anyone who reads ‘6’ will love it ; so what are you waiting for?

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