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Summary of Homo Religiosus by Karen Armstrong

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Writing has always been a challenge for me and that is what English is based on _ I am not sure what my instructors teaching methods re yet since it is still the first evoke of school but since this is an online course the advantage is that it feel somewhat impersonal. Seeing as though am more Of 3 visual learner, online school has been a challenge. My textbook however, seems to Offer quite a bit Of useful information. In the future can make sure that I set aside enough studying time, will participate in class discussions, and read even when am not asked to.

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Summary of Homo Religiosus by Karen Armstrong
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In my previous semester found the live discussions to be very helpful. I will also intact my tutors when I need to and visit the school library. Other things that I will do is to make sure that have a balance to reduce chaos, and feel passionate about what I want. I will learn to be more open-minded.

I will allow others to share their views on different learning techniques. Being a person that find it easier to learn visually, I had never thought to use symbols and pictures as learning tools. Finally, will make sure that my short and long term goals are set.

Once am focused on these goals, my determination in school will grow stronger ND I will work harder, After earn my associates degree am planning to pursue an administrative position. My English classes are an asset to such a position since will have many reading and writing tasks. I will make sure that am passionate about what want. Suppose all of the changes would fall under the category of changing mindsets? According to the assessment, I have a growth mindset. Know that there are many things that can do to grow and reach new levels of success. I am not content with just being a college student. M not sure how promising my future s because Of all Of my health issues but just as hard as fight every day to live, have that same drive for every other avenue in my life. I am resilient and strong. Have never excepted defeat. When decided to enroll in college, questioned whether waited too late. I then told myself that it is never too late for anything that you want to do if you want it bad enough.

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