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Six Characteristics of Mass Communication Sample

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1. Message produced in complex organisationsThe first feature of Mass Communication is message produced in complex organisation. It means that message produced and implemented throughout an orgaization. The procedure used for defined and produced the message depends on how big and how complex the organisation is. In a larger organisation. a planning session may supply valuable penetrations from your employees and will assist to guarantee widespread understanding with your messaging. For illustration. in the organisation. the messages produced otherwise depends on each employers.

Particularly at a big organisation. it’s all right if people don’t all “tell the story” in precisely the same manner. This procedure produced the message otherwise in complex organisations.

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Six Characteristics of Mass Communication Sample
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2. Message fixed in some signifier with information and symbolic content ( either in digital spots or trade good signifier ) This 2nd facet merely means how a certain pick of fount or screen can and should stand for so whole media and how it is related to the content. which means event facets every bit simple as the symbolic content can direct a message.

An illustration could be taken from a Runway Magazine. Runway ever has thin and slight theoretical account on their screen. dressed in an expensive and really posh couture. The font pick might be interpreted as classy to some. The colour chosen is ever really expensive looking for illustration gold. ruddy. black or any colour with the right classy shadiness. The screen of this magazine ever represent the article they are traveling to research on that really issue for illustration Fall manner. Winter couture. Pleaded skirts. etc. The same goes for cyberspace sites. Let’s take the Wall Street Journal Online for illustration.

When one opens a Wall Street Journal web site. they will instantly cognize that this is a intelligence site. The colour pick which merely consists of black. grey. and white and besides the format that is of a newspaper. shows us that this is no amusement site. As supposed to a headline a Runway magazine would hold. the Wall Street Journal would hold “Obama re-elected” or “Windows portion monetary value went up” and a series of exposure that supports the article or charts of the market monetary value. I think the symbolic and information content intertwined rather closely. The pick of symbolic content goes manus in manus with the in formation and content of the site or printed media. therefore we should take every facet carefully.

3. Message is sent / transmitted or diffused widely via a technological medium ( newspaper. magazine. Cadmium or videocassette. wireless. telecasting. orbiter or cyberspace ) The significance of this feature is if you want dispersed messages widely. so you have to utilize the technological mediums. such as intelligence paper. magazine. Cadmium or videocassette. wireless. telecasting. orbiter or cyberspace. The medium is of import because without a medium. there is no nexus or span to present the message to the audiences or mass. For illustration. every company which want to publicize their merchandise demand use the technological medium to present their message to the audiences. so they will utilize Television and Newspaper as the medium to pull and persuades people to purchase their merchandises.

4. Message is delivered quickly over great infiniteThis characteristic means that message will distribute quickly through the great infinite. For illustration. ‘mother amplifier network’ . In the day-to-day life. there are big figure of female parent. They like to direct the message one another and afterwards. the message is quickly dispersed non merely in their country but besides affect another countries. With this illustration. we can see that message is delivered quickly over great infinite. The infinite here means clip and topographic point. Within a clip. the message will present to many other topographic points.

5. Message reaches big groups of different people silmutaneously or within a short period of clip This characteristic is recently used by so many people via cyberspace. smartphone. etc. It means that message can make big groups of different people ( in different topographic points ) within a short period of clip. For illustration. in this epoch. it is non impossible for us to link with people from different state where is far from ours. We can portion the messages to many different people ( big groups of people ) in different countries without waiting for so long clip. Within merely twosome of seconds. we can distribute and portion the messages to so many people.

6. Message is chiefly one – manner. non two mannerThis last characteristic agencies that each message is chiefly sent in the signifier of one-way—it is delivered merely from one person/group to the populace. But that is the traditional features of mass communicating. In the past. people use aggregate communicating to inform the of import message in merely one manner so that the populace can easy entree the message without inquiring or noticing the message. Back in the twenty-four hours when the people sell newspaper. they send the information through shouting so that other people become interested in purchasing the newspaper. or. at least. merely want to cognize the intelligence. Today. in this globalisation epoch. people send messages to the populace. and public can direct messages back to the transmitter.

Peoples use Twitter to portion their thoughts which those thoughts can be easy accessed by the people worldwide. and frailty versa. the people worldwide can easy answer or react to someone’s thoughts. Another illustration comes from reading on-line intelligence. We can notice on the intelligence straight in the intelligence page below the article. sometimes we can utilize facebook. For illustration. by reading Yokel! News. we can notice on the intelligence utilizing our Fcaebook history. so non merely acquiring the intelligence. we can besides do friends and portion other valuable information. In brief. in today’s universe. the features of mass communicating can be updated. The message is chiefly one-way. but can besides be bipartisan by utilizing the societal media.

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