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Business idea supports this vision by offering a wide range of well- signed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them. This advertisement is about the a kitchen activities organized by KEA Singapore, concept is “Keep the relationship”, KEA believe relationships are meant to last, that is why KEA kitchens are guaranteed for 25 years. KEA hope people can keep the relationship with their family members and friends. At the same time, people get the awards.

Target Add niece The advertisement targets people of two different class groups, the first group re the urban middle class working adults, their age between 22-45 years old, they have independent economic capacity, who can accept the philosophy of design and way of life in KEA kitchen products. The second groups are the people who just bought the house, they do not have specific age level, maybe they are old people, and they will update their old kitchen to be new, because KEA has more than 3,000 design solutions.

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Message Through sentences on the advertisement, KEA use the sentences to introduce this activity, how to join this activity and awards. They use a very emotional and skeptical sentence as begin, ‘We believe relationships are meant to last”, I think the KEA want to say, in today’s society, everyone is busy, some people make a living, some people in order to work, they may begin to slowly forget the past friends or classmates or even a family members. Can your relationship stand the test of time? “25” is a special number in this advertisement and activity.

As we know, KEA kitchen has 43 years of history, “25 hours cook-off’ is represent 25 years, that is KEA kitchens are guaranteed for 25 years, the time also about the live of kitchen. At the same time, KEA wants to pass a message to public, KEA kitchens are guaranteed for 25 years, but for the people relationship, how many numbers of 25 years do you have? Meaning is we need to cherish our friendship. They show 18 kinds of innovative kitchen products around the sentence, meaning is telling the public this advertisement is about kitchen products.

As we know, the most of KEA products are DID (Do it yourself) products, you need to assemble it by your self. Like this activity, cooking competition, also do it yourself, close to the hilltop’s of KEA. Placement of advertisement For this advertisement is on the Today newspaper, Today newspaper is a free newspaper to the public, KEA advertisement is on the page 7, right slide on the newspaper. I have 2 opinions about advertisement placed. Firstly, People’s reading habits. Today newspaper as a free newspaper gives to the public in MR. station, people passing the table. Just take newspaper and continues to go. Or people are reading the newspaper while walking, they find the main news to read, maybe they do not read all the pages. So, n the front 7 pages of Today newspaper, KEA has 3 pages advertisements, a cross-page advertisement (mm*mm) and a full-page advertisement (mm*mm), when the people open the newspaper, very strong visual feeling to the readers. Secondly, nature of the activity. For this advertisement, KEA only want to present an idea through this activity, they hope people to know this activity.

At this page, they hope to have a strong effect of publicity. Effects of the messages on the target audience For this KEA advertisement, it adhere the Nordic “simple, fresh, natural” design Tyler, advertisement direct tell the reader, and we have this activity. KEA spread by “word of mouth” advertising has affected a large part of the people, especially the young consumer groups. For the people, get the prize money is not the most important, KEA as a Europe company, they are more focus on humans’ emotion, people need communication, KEA organizes this event, hope to awaken emotional understanding of people.

Encourage people communicate with old friends, they hope cooking with friends or family members together, find out the emotion between themselves. Cooking with friends or family members together in KEA kitchen, an activity becomes a memory, it is easier to be retained in the minds of the audience, which will help the audience with KEA Business, and remember KEA brand. So, it is not just make closer the relationship between friends, also make closer relationship between the friends and the KEA, when the people need any kitchen services or products, KEA is their first choice.

Messages have been effectively communicated In my opinion, the idea of KEA advertisement has been effectively communicated to the target audience. Firstly, KEA target audience is close Today newspaper target audience, KEA focus on middle-class people and young adults, Today newspaper focus on all kinds of people, middle-class people and young adults are only a part of target audience of Today newspaper. Secondly, KEA target audience age level is similar with Today newspaper, most of Today newspaper readers are 20-50 years old, KEA kitchen product target group aged 25-45 years old. Therefore, in same age level, people’s idea also similar.

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