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Skipping Breakfast

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Breakfast, lunch and dinner are very important in the whole day. Although those are very important but breakfast is the most important to our daily life. Breakfast is the earliest meal in a day and also offer us energy source. If we do not absorb enough the nutrition of the breakfast,we have not to carry out a whole day activities. Nowaday,many people are not acquiring a good habit to eat breakfast. The tone of do not eat breakfast is become serious already.

There are some reason that why people like to skip breakfast.

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Skipping Breakfast
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The first reason that the people to skip breakfast are some of them are not a ‘morning person’. Many people need to work until very late so when they reach home,they will feel very tired and go to sleep directly,this will make them wake up lately and skip their breakfast time. Some people because of lazy preparation breakfast,therefore they will sleep to very late intentionally.

Most of the people are live in a happy family will have their mother to help them prepare breakfast while some people who live alone in other places will nobody help them to prepare breakfast so cause them like to skip breakfast.

Furthermore,people who never have a habit to eat breakfast then also is the first time to eat breakfast,their stomach will feel very uncomfortable and fell full memory with food. Some people will feeling something wedge in belly and cause them cannot work well when they eat the breakfast. From this moment,they will change their mind about breakfast and think it is very nausea. This will urge the people to prefer to sleep late and must to skip the breakfast. Other reason about skipping breakfast is avoid the fatty kind of breakfast.

Some people for care their health,they prefer to skip breakfastbecause most of the foods are very greasy like fried sausage,scrambled egg,butter and toast. Some female will skip their breakfast for keeping fits. They think that the food with high calories will make them become obese. On the other side,eat more fatty kinds of breakfast will cause the heart problem like hypertension so this is such one of reason to let them skip breakfast. In conclusion,breakfast is very important to us so we should not skip it and acquire a good habit to eat breakfast. Not because of for some reasons and skip it.

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Skipping Breakfast. (2016, Sep 13). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/skipping-breakfast/

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