Smoking Essay

The leading tobacco companies have always had a winning marketing strategy. Though their marketing campaign may have been successful, it might not have always been ethical. In the past, before the U.S. government stepped in and imposed regulations on tobacco advertising, it appeared that the advertisements put out by cigarette companies were aimed at the youth of this country. Recently, the cigarette companies appear to be singing a different song. The new campaign appeals to non-smokers, stating that beginning the habit of smoking is not wise. This is a total transition from the Joe Camel campaign, which was run by the R. J. Reynolds company years ago.

Throughout earlier years the R. J. Reynolds company used the Joe Camel campaign to entice a younger generation of people to start smoking. The colorful cartoon Camel was depicted as a hip, cool, and popular character having a good time with all his camel friends smoking cigarettes. Other companies simply used normal people depicted in regular everyday situations having a better time smoking. Now that lawsuits against the cigarette companies are being filed, they are taking a different side. As of late the cigarette companies have turned the advertising campaign around. Now the goal of all the advertising is to prevent the spread of smoking among youths, and also the prevention of smoking in current non-smokers. The new ads appear to be an attempt for the cigarette companies to be able to say that they are at least trying to curb the smoking habit in an attempt to prevent more lawsuits.

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Smoking Essay

The smoking of cigarettes causes many health issues. The smoking health effects are many in number. Only some are very well known and the people are aware of it. There are many disorders that are caused due to smoking and that are still unknown for many. Why this sort of health problems arise due to the smoking of cigarettes is the question that arises in almost every ones mind when they are made aware of the ill effects of the smoking. Here is the answer for that question. The main reasons for the ill effects that are caused due to smoking are the contents that are present in the cigarette. Yes, the cigarettes contain tobacco with large amounts of nicotine that are stuffed into a cigarette and thus make out the cigarette.
These tobaccos are nothing but ordinary dried and withered leaves of the plant that is also named as the tobacco plants. These leaves that are dried and fallen off are taken to cigarette factories and they are crushed and processed and then are stuffed into a filter paper like material to make up the cigarette. Not only this is due to the higher level of tar content along with the tobacco, but also this has resulted in the increase in the number of vulnerable diseases in the human body. It has resulted in the many number of deaths in the past one decade. These deaths are caused due to the people getting addicted to the smoking of the cigarette and were unable to get rid of it all at once. This is the major reason why there were so many deaths in the past one decade that were complained only due to smoking reasons and nothing else.
According to the census and the studies that were taken by the world health organization or the WHO it has been shown that in the year 2004 alone there were nearly two million deaths that have occurred due to the ill effects of smoking. So many people have lost their lives due to unwanted reasons like smoking. Thus people have started to deteriorate their own health and are solely responsible for the reduction in.

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