Convince a friend to stop smoking Argumentative Essay


I believe it is time you stopped smoking, and I am ready to convince about this. As a friend, I understand the challenges but you can stop this dangerous habit.

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A good friend is not one that sees his colleagues chase after a donut of dynamite as meal, and watches his destruction on the table of calamity. A friend indeed is a friend in need. We have interacted in a number of ways, and I appreciate our relationship. Indeed, our friendship has added value to my life; it has taught me the value of communication and the skills of effective human interaction. It has also be a lesson ground to learn the skill of tolerance and understanding vital for the sustenance of any relationship.  I can not simply deny the fact that you have been a challenge to me in several ways, as I have also challenged you.

Challenges are indispensable tools for promotion in this life. I also learnt that with you. There are times we have disagreed to disagree. We have come to pints where it appeared we would never be friends; moments of tests when we were mad with each other. Indeed, we have our share of miserable days. And together, we stood the test of time and won the battle. And today, we are still friends. The vicissitudes of life have not eroded the love we share.

This love is the hallmark of our friendship. It is the singular key that has made it possible for us to walk together even when it seems there is no hope in our communication. Our love is everlasting. This characteristic has become the driving force for every decision we reach together, and our prayers for each other. I believe it is what has brought me to you now to inform you about a habit you have. Yes, everyone has habits, positive and negative. In both instances, friends form a major influence.  I am aware you smoke. I would love you to stop this act.

I know you are a man of your words. I am aware you understand the reasons for engaging in this. You can even convince me of the goodies associated with smoking but I want you to join me on a paradigm shift: Imagine your seven-year enjoys your driving skills; he praises you anything you drive together. And suddenly, you notice a change in his morale when he is out of a trip with you. You are worried about what has happened, and you ask him:

What’s the matter son?’

And he replies: ‘dad, I have told you several times that I like the way you drive. Can I also get a car to drive like you?

Immediately, you leave the driver’s seat for your ignorant child to satisfy him. What do you think would happen? An accident that may claim both lives of course. Would you even do that? I am sure you may want to say you can’t do, isn’t it? But already you have been doing it. You ask how, I would tell you now so you can stop!

The cigarette you smoke contains over a thousand carcinogens, substances that can predispose tot cancer of the lungs with which you breathe. Smoking has been implicated in a countless of number of diseases conditions as well including heart diseases, arteriosclerosis, malignancies. These things are not beneficial to the body. In fact, the substances in smoke do more harm than good. At the present, they can satisfy the need for super-feeling, an increase the activity of the nervous system. They can make you feel ‘high’ but if you consider their inherent disadvantages, one should never get close to them. Anyone who smokes is like that little who desired seriously the thrill of driving but ignored the risks associated with starting at his age.

I sincerely understand the challenge associated with such an addiction but you can stop if you desire to do so. Even the Federal Ministry of Health advocates that we should avoid smoking for our sake. Why then do we want to use our hands to sign our death certificate? Pat, I love you that’s why I am telling you all this. You may invaluable to me. I can not watch you lie wasted because of a disease you can avoid by smoking. You have been wonderful to me. It may difficult to stop but embrace my paradigm shift and decide. I understand you enjoy it, and it would simply unbearable to abstain from it. Don’t consider that: I would be your accountability partner. I am ready to assist you until you win the battle over the stick of cigarette.

The pleasure of smoking can not be compared with the treasure of healthy living. As a friend, I believe you can stop. I can not force you to stop. Your decision is final. I implore you to choose the right path.

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