Soap Operas: Pros and Cons Essay

Many people watch soap operas because they find them enjoyable and realistic. Other points of view are quite the opposite. Some people believe that such sort of films can be very dangerous and unhealthy for one?s personality because they demonstrate false life values. I suppose that soap operas are low-quality products of film industry. They take advantage of bad human desires and intentions. To my mind, soap operas humiliate life values and reduce human self-appreciation. Besides, this sort of films trains people not to think, use easy-to-get source of fun and pleasure. Soap operas train people not to work on distracting hidden meaning.

Moreover, the audience gets used to see only light meaning, lying on the surface of the film. A person brought up on such light principles is not able to express deep feelings, to feel something as deep as real love, friendship. And as a result, such a person can commit a crime and will not feel ashamed. On the other hand, some people claim that after a hard day they need to rest, enjoy something really funny, something that is able to draw them away from the problems and the stress atmosphere of the real life. In addition, people state that they sometimes want their heads be free from heavy thoughts.

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Soap Operas: Pros and Cons
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Still, I fully disagree with them. Such an escape seems to me very dangerous and addictive. Once you try to escape from the reality and enjoy light, not demanding deep involvement into the performance – and you are caught forever. Naturally, this source of easy-to-get fun and pleasure will swallow you up. In conclusion, I?d like to say that principles and values that soap operas demonstrate are destructive for a human personality that needs to be constantly evolved and educated. I think that it is by all means possible to enjoy thought-provoking things instead of light soap operas.

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