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Soccer: The Event That Changed My Life

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The event that changed my life the most was soccer. I am really committed to it and so is my family. Every week I have a soccer game and my mom and dad always watch my games. I feel happy that I achieved my goal in soccer. When it comes to sports I am very competitive. I met a lot of people from different places. When my parents go to my soccer games they give up their time to bond with me and to get to know me better.

The first soccer club that I was one was the Waldwick, Worriers. That was the first year that the Worriers had a club soccer team.

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Soccer: The Event That Changed My Life
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I was so exited to be on this team. Know I had four practices a week. My parents said that if I did not finish my homework that I could not go to my soccer practices. That thought me that I would have to be more responsible for all of my things that I have to do for school.

Also they taught me dispassion and to strive harder in everything I do.The next year I tried out for another team. They are called the Torpedoes. When I got onto the B team I was so excited because they are in a higher level than my last team. I had to work harder than I did before. They thought me more about the sport just like they teach you things that you did not know in school. I got more confident when they started to trust me. They did not trust me in the beginning because did not know what kind of soccer player I was.

In school my friends trusted me to not tell secrets that are very important to them and also I am very loyal to my friends. I also trust them too.The second year I was on the Torpedoes I made the A team. They were on the premier level. I knew this was going to be a challenge for me. This was like when I changed schools this year. It was hard for me to do all of the homework at night.

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