An Incident That Changed the Cousre of My Life

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An Incident that has changed the course of Your Life Everyone has many incidents in their life, some small, some big and some even life changing!! Incidents go on taking place in our life but some change the course of our life, in a good or also in a bad way. I was 11yrs old; I had gone for a trek to Banjar valley in Shimla with my friends. We were 14 of us including 3 instructors. Before the camp we were given strict instructions about how much are bag should be, and we make it light.

As we were suppose to carry are own bags during the trek. Therefore we carried only the things which were required for the trek; we carried our instruments, clothes and food. When we reached our base camps, it was very cold. After taking a rest for a while our instructors called us and told us about the place. They gave us instructions of how to utilize the food and water. We were asked not to waste anything because everything we had was limited especially water because we had to survive for the next week with the water we had.

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We were excited and anxious to explore the place because of its beauty. The beauty of the valley had mesmerized us so we turned our deaf ears to our instructors. We started our trek with an excitement and in that excitement we had forgotten the instructions given by the instructors. On the 1st day we did a trek of 19km…it was a tiring day for us. On our way we used a lot of water cleaning our face and hand. While doing so we had forgot that we were not to waste water. Our instructors again reminded us to conserve water.

In the jungle we plucked some fruits to eat, we were told that we could have the fruits without washing them but we did not listen and wasted a lot of water in cleaning the fruits and while cleaning the fruits accidently one of my colleague drop a lot of water We still did not pay attention to our instructors and kept wasting water. As 4 days passed away we realized that each one of us had only 1 bottle of water. Then we knew that we were in trouble because there was no source to get water in the jungle.

From the time we realized that we had only a bottle of water we started making proper use of it, but we all knew that we wouldn’t survive with a single bottle of water for 3 days. On the 5th day, by the evening we realized that only 1 bottle of water was left between the 14 us. We somehow managed to survive night. As soon as the dawn broke all of us started looking for water, we kept on walking in the jungle, but we could find any clue of water anywhere. All of us started feeling restless and did not know what to do. We all sat for while, I then realized the importance of water in our life.

I understood that we should not waste water, I thought of the times when we waste water and do not understand the importance of water. I thought of all the times we waste water in our daily life, like when we brush our teeth we leave the tap open, at that time w don’t realize that we are wasting a lot. Many thoughts came in my mind, and then I thought that if we knew the importance of water this day would never come where we were sitting in the jungle and dying of thirst. From that moment I promised that I will never waste water in my life and will understand the importance of it.

We all got up and started walking and ahead of us we could see another group making their tent for the night. As we saw them we got excited, we went to them and asked for help. They had sufficient water as the all knew the value of it. They gave us some bottles and we promised each other that we would never waste water in our entire life. This incident was an eye opening incident for me, which changed the course of my life and my attitude towards water. From that point of time I always make wise use of water in anything I do.

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