The Military Changed My Life for the Better

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Life in the military has not only changed me, but it has molded me to become a better person. Before I joined the United States Navy, I was a member of Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) for my entire tenure of high school; as well as a scholarship recipient to the University of Kentucky. I had always been an intelligent, skillful and easy-going young lady; however JROTC thought me fundamentals of leadership, the importance of teamwork but most important it embedded confidence into myself worth. JROTC was just a minor stepping stone in my life; compared to how becoming a United States Sailor affected my life. One major change the military has had on me is my independence. My Father was a Solider in the Army and I was the youngest of four children. Even though we moved around every two to three years, to include starting new schools and making new friends; I always had my siblings no matter what state or house we lived in. There was never a sense of loneness or fear, I always had someone by my side in every endeavor. Initially, the military also provided me with that domestic feeling; until I was walked to medical, with no one by my side and I realized I was alone for the first time in my life.

The preliminary shock of loneness brought tears to my eyes; but, I realized that just because I am away from my family and friends physically does not mean they are not in my heart. I realized that I was strong enough to make it through bootcamp without any help and I was capable of being a great role model for my entire Family. I was finally able to accept that I was now an independent woman serving my country proudly. Another great change the military provided for me is my outlook on physical fitness. In JROTC I ran a mile once a year with little gratification and there were no weight or running standards associated to the physical fitness test. Unfortunately, the military has weight standards and a tough physical test administered semi-annually to include a physical enhanced regimen requirement for fifty minutes three times a week. The physical test includes a mile and a half run, and as many sit-ups and push-ups a I can do in a two minute timeframe. I would of never had pushed or had thought my body could endure the amount of physical activities that it has experienced in the past eleven years. Since joining the military I have become a Command Fitness Leader and enjoy physical activities.

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Another significant change the military has provided to me is ability to appreciate being a United States Citizen. During my tour in the military I have been privileged to visit over ten countries and cultures. Being able to put on any piece of clothing I desire, is a luxury that some countries do not possess. As a woman in America I can vote, work, have the freedom of speech and work in any profession I desire. The American multi-cultural cuisine is magnificent as well as rare than any other country I have embarked. I have tried and sampled various cuisines that I would have never experienced if I was not a member of the military. The importance of as strong family foundation; is the most important change in my life that has come from being a member of the military. After the deployments, duty days, sacrifices, missed holidays, transfer of commands and finally hanging up of the uniform the only thing that is constant and will always be there is Family. Even though my husband and son were not issued to me in my seabag, they are the vital part of my success in my military career. Enlisting in the United States Navy changed my life and gives me the opportunity to mentor and change other people’s lives. Serving in the military is not only a career but it is a lifestyle that has enormous benefits, which have impacted my entire life. I am curtained, if I had taken my college scholarship and attended a university for four years, my life would be completely different and I would have as much gratification and satisfaction as I process with my life in the Military.

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