Social Graces abd Etiquette Rules

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The article discusses the importance of good manners and etiquette in various settings, such as in family, public places, and at the table. Manners and etiquette are defined as social conduct and rules of behavior based on consideration for others and appropriateness. The article emphasizes the importance of love, communication, honesty, and respect within a family. In public places, one should refrain from shouting, show confidence and serenity, stay on the danger side of the road, and always be courteous and polite. When making introductions, there are rules to follow, such as mentioning the name of the person being honored first and acknowledging the introduction. At the table, one should hold the knife and fork correctly, take conservatively sized bites, and sit erect. Overall, good manners and etiquette are crucial in various settings to show respect and consideration for others.

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More popularly known as good manners and etiquette is not a “put-on” or “add-on” to one’s personality. Manners – Says Webster, “are social conduct or rules of conduct, as shown in the prevalent customs; habitual deportment, especially with reference to polite conventions. ” Etiquette – The term etiquette seems stilted or phony, but consider that etiquette is merely a name for a pattern of behavior that is based on consideration for others, appropriateness and good taste, and which, once learned helps you to do the right thing on almost circumstance. – Is a French word that meaner “ticket” or “label”.

This word originated during the time of Louis XIV when he tagged each part of his palace. While telling his visitors what to do and where to go. Today, as generation passes, the term etiquette goes along with it where its meaning is now handed to us as a conventional rule of behavior. Social Graces in the Family Family Manners 1. A family and its manners are shaped by the quality of the spirit they share. 2. Second importance to love in a family is communication. 3. Honesty is always the best policy and the best manners, especially at home. Honor your parent’s. Fathers and mothers deserve respect.

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They do not need to qualify for it. Sisters and Brothers. We often spend more time with our sisters and brothers than we do with anyone else. We also may have problems with them than with others. Social Graces in Public Places In Public Places 1. Refrain from shouting or talking aloud. 2. Never expose your emotions and always exude an air of confidence and serenity. 3. Gentleman should always stay on the danger side of the road. 4. Never eat or bring food outside the dining area. 5. Always be courteous, hospitable and polite in all your dealings. 6. Never fail to use the terms “excuse me”, “sorry’ and “please”. Introductions

Rules for Introductions have become less rigid, nevertheless a form must follow: 1 . Mentioning the name of the person you are honoring first. 2. Business reversal of ordinary introduction. 3. Acknowledging an introduction. 4. Shaking hands. 5. Rising for an introduction. 6. Introducing oneself. 7. When incorrectly introduced- it is only sensible that the error be corrected immediately. Manners at the Table Table Setting Formal Basic Table Etiquette 1. Hold the knife and fork correctly. 2. The fork is slipped under the food, and the morsel lifted up and conveyed to the mouth. 3. Get conservatively – sized bites. Sit erect at the table. 5. Things eaten with the fork – meat, vegetable, salads, etc.

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