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Concert etiquette should be taught by parents

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In the 21st century more and more parents are confronted with the fact that they should be introducing the matter of concert etiquette into their children’s education. This is a necessity in order for children to respect a basic set of rules when attending this kind of events, such as: not talking during the performance and turning off the cellphones.

First of all one of the major signs of disrespect and offence which can be brought to an artists is talking during a performance.

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Concert etiquette should be taught by parents
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Therefore it is mandatory for children to understand the hard work invested in a show by the performers in order to feel the need to show respect and pay attention. Even if children nowadays tend to have a leak of patience its parents that must find a way to teach them and if not possible at least to control their behavior in order to avoid an unpleasant situation.

Secondly, a recent study has shown that 70% of the performing artists are complaining at least one time in their career about cell phones ringing during a show.

Consequently cell phones ringing are something to be avoided when participating to a social event and parents should teach their children to shut them down or at least put them on silent mode and return a possible missed call after the end of the performance.

However it is completely false that etiquette should only be taught by parents as some of us may believe. There are some families that do not have such values in their daily life or even do not participate to this kind of events and if so, the children should not be private of a correct etiquette education. In order to avoid this, schools and local youth centers should have special programs for youngsters who want to learn how to act in society.

To sum up, as nowadays the access to social events such as opera, theatre plays or classic music concerts is a lot much easier there is a highly increased need for children to be taught how to act appropriate by fallowing a set of basic rules such as keeping the silence during a performance and not disturbing the event with mobile phones.

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Concert etiquette should be taught by parents. (2016, Jun 23). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/concert-etiquette-should-be-taught-by-parents/

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