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Reaction Paper-School Etiquette

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Reaction Paper on School Etiquette Etiquette is a key of having peace and harmony, in every time and every place one should observe order and rules. Since we enter school we are bound to obey rules and regulations of the institution we are with. Badly some of us know the rules yet we do not obey it. Some of the etiquette we should observe is always be on time, as a student we should always be on time, we should practice not to be late.

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Reaction Paper-School Etiquette
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As a student we should not act like barbaric people, when we are in Hallway or corridor we should observe silence As a student we should greet all the teachers and our fellow student in that way we can show our respect and gratitude to them. As a student, especially an education student we should not embarrass anyone, we know it but sometimes we are doing it, like forming a group then a person will walk then we will laughed even dough that person is not the reason he will feel like he the one, then maybe we can hurt that person.

As a student we should always use excuse me or thank you when we are conversing with other people. When we are to face the audience, we should know what to say, have confidence in our appearance, don’t sway our hands, don’t void eye contact, and don’t forget to be humorous when the occasion calls for it. If we are the audience, we should be attractive; we should don’t leave room, avoid talking in whispers and applaud politely. When using the comfort room, we should observe cleanliness before and after we use the toilet.

When we are in the school premises, we should avoid cheating especially us, as future educators we should not cheat, have in possession of some exam type notes, avoid hoofing at neighbor’s paper. As a student we should be honest all the time. Vandalizing should be observe, we should avoid vandalism. We should not litter on our school premises. As a student we should obey all our school rules and regulations. REACTION PAPER ON GUIDANCE AND COUNSELING Submitted by: Jernel T. Demin Submitted to: Mrs Helene Daya JULY 27, 2010

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Reaction Paper-School Etiquette. (2018, Aug 03). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/reaction-paper-school-etiquette/

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