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Some Tips for Preparing for Camping

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While camping, several food and refreshment items need to be brought along so that you and the people your with, stay well nourished. In the course of the day three meals need be prepared, breakfast, lunch and dinner. First, for breakfast, the most important meal of the day I would make some sausage, potato, egg and cheese breakfast burritos with some spicy green chili in the middle. All the protein you will need for the for the rest of the day.

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Some Tips for Preparing for Camping
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Second, this meal takes some work but worth it in the long run, a fire needs to be built so some cheeseburgers can be cooked, bread is needed for the buns and some ketchup and mustard can be set out, now mix that with some chips and a beer, now that sounds like a really good lunch. Last, the hardiest meal of the day, Diner. For this meal you have to get creative with the fire and dig down underneath the hot coals, put some seasoned and buttered, steak and potatoes wrapped in tin foil and put them in the hole and bury them for about three to four hours depending on how hot the coals are.

After the time is up the steaks and potatoes should be well done, the best meal for camping dinners. For the three meals of the day there needs to be some kind of alcohol beverage consumption going on to insure that everyone is full.

Also, a couple important categories while you are camping is the equipment and tools. I figure these to be very important because so much is needed to maintain a camping site. First, to be to cook anything a fire pit needs to be dug and surrounded by rocks the are not porous so that they don’t heat up and explode in someones face. Then you take some grill grates and place them over the fire so that they are resting on the wood that is on fire. This will be used to cook hot dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and your corn on the cob or whatever kind of side that needs to be cooked. While all that is going on some one or a couple of people could be setting up all the tents and the chairs that.

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