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The author had a memorable experience of camping for the first time with their group, led by their leader. They learned to set up tents, tie knots, cut firewood, fetch water, make a fire, and cook a meal. They had a dinner with their group beside the fireplace, sang songs, and adjourned to their respective tents for the night. The next day, they had inspection and spent time learning the craft of Austria. They enjoyed sketches and songs around a huge campfire, and slept soundly. After a successful camping trip, they cleaned up their campsites and headed back to campus.

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Our leader gave us some general instructions before For the first time in my life I helped to pitch the we set up our tents. Tents. My leader showed us how to do it. It was a wonderful experience as I listened to the sounds Of the wildlife around me. I breathed in the fresh Of country air and marveled at how beautiful nature was. The only thing that was not so pleasant was keeping away the mosque toes that kept attacking It was and experience for me. Learned to tie knots, cut firewood, fetch water from the stream, make a fire and cook a meal.

None of these had to do at home. Modern living certainly deprived us of doing these things. Anyhow I could imagine how our ancestors lived when there were no modern conveniences. That evening I had dinner with members of my group beside the fireplace. The rice tasted half-cooked and the vegetables too soggy. The sardines were excellent though, taken straight from the can. However I was too hungry to complain. We finished all our food, half-cooked or otherwise. After dinner we assembled next to the Chief of Austria Engage to hear some of the rules.

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He also taught us some songs which we sang with gusto. We adjourned to our respective tents after singing session. That night I could not get to sleep at all. The others too could not sleep. The excitement of the day was lingered on. So we spent the night talking and listening to the sounds of the creatures around us. The next day, after a quick breakfast of bread and beans we got ready for inspection. The leader of the group inspected their respective group. We make sure that our campsite and uniforms were clean and neat.

We have to show our disciplined to others. For the rest of the day we spent time learning the craft of Austria. Time passes so quickly. Before I knew it, It was getting dark again. So again we adjourned to our respective sites to make and have our dinner. After dinner all of us gathered around a huge campfire. Each group participated by giving sketches and song. It was pure fun. I realized that my fellow group members were creative and talented people. Some of the sketches and songs were definitely better than those on television.

Anyhow, tinting on around a campfire and enjoying ourselves was something that had experienced to be appreciated. It was beyond description. That night all Of us slept soundly. We were all too tired even to talk. The next day was Sunday and we all prepared to go back to campus. After the usual breakfast and inspection we all broke camp, making sure that we cleaned up our campsites. Then we assembled in front of the Chief of Austria Engage. He congratulated us for a successful camping trip. Then we dismissed and headed for campus on the bus.

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