Sophie Scholl Prototype “Antigone”

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The decisions that Antigen made has not only impacted her future, but it has impacted all of those around her. It has changed the view of women in society . Croon asks, “And the man who dared to do this? ‘ (Lines 203208, Scene 1). It is vivo s that everyone believes that the crime was done by a man. Considering the fact that tit was very prophetically society, in which women are viewed as the weaker sex in both physique and the ability to comprehend and think rationally.

Imagine the sure pries when Antigen, a female, had come out the blue admitting the fact that she had bur died her brothers body, and had defied the King’s lawAkron had exclaimed, “But this I Antigen!” (Lines 30831 9, Scene 2). The conversation between Sentry and Kier shows the obvious astonishment that the crime had been done by a woman.

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The astonishment of the culprit being a female practically swarms around Green’s words. Antigen has left a mark on these spectators, almost like a warning that the fee male population should not be reckoned with, thus changing the views of what a w Oman is capable Of. Aside from Antigen, Sophie School is a strong contributor to the dawn of 21st century feminism. She shows bravery during a time of fear and defiance during g a time of false obedience. More importantly, she shows the people of Germany that omen are capable of doing a lot more than what society thinks of them. 

In the movie e, right after the two siblings start fleeing from their obvious crime scene, there IS a man who chases the guilty family down. He hurriedly makes a grab for Sophias brother , oblivious to the fact that she has done the crime. That is yet another example of how s society takes women for granted, believing that women are not capable of thinking b ended what is given to them beforehand. Sophie School is a great example of how women have started thinking to their own accord.

All who Sophie faced made the Sam moment of how ‘young’ she was, thinking that she was just a fragile child beck cause of her femininity, and they were all proved wrong after she decided to contort the e rule’s of the government to make them benefit her own mindset. In conclusion, both and Antigen and Sophie have taken their defiance and formed it into something that can be influenced from. Their actions show that are stronger than they seem and they can think and act for what they believe in. They are not only limited to the walls of society has built around them, their beings m sake them flourish into something greater for society.

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