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Speech Essay Topics & Ideas

Persuasive Speech Topics For College

  1. Herbal Medicine
  2. Oceanic Exploration
  3. Reasons To Ride A Bike
  4. Wearing Seatbelts
  5. Wearing Your Seat Belt
  6. Breed Specific Legislation
  7. Using Monroe’S Motivated Sequence
  8. The Importance Of Recycling
  9. Self-Acceptance
  10. Volunteering
  11. Prevention Of Aids
  12. City-Wide Wifi
  13. Driving While Texting
  14. Hunting
  15. I Should Be The Next School Prefect
  16. Pit Bulls
  17. The Bad Effects Of Sugar
  18. We Must Control Air Pollution

What are some good topics for a persuasive speech?

Some popular persuasive speech topics include immigration restrictions, the use of the death penalty and restrictions on firearms. Popular persuasive speech topics typically center on controversial issues that have two well-known sides.

How to choose the best persuasive speech topic?

Here are a few steps to follow when selecting a topic for the persuasive essay Brainstorm with classmates in choosing a topic for the persuasive essay. Pick a topic that will get one’s emotions pumped up and going. Avoid topics that have been discussed over and over again. The topic selected should not be too broad, and should be very specific. The topic should make the audience passionate about it and willing to make a change.

What topic should I do my persuasive speech on?

Some good topics for a persuasive essay are: gender rights, universal education, abortion, euthanasia, drinking alcohol and so on. The multiple topics may be found, for example, in the dissertation abstracts international database. Writing a good persuasive essay is not an easy task, however, it is achievable.

What are some good college persuasive essay topics?

Persuasive Speech Topics The case for organ donation The need for recycling Why the death penalty should be abolished The need for gun control The dangers of taking illegal steroids How to pay off your credit card Avoiding drinking or drunk driving Why we should abolish school uniform Global Warming – Can we do anything about it? Is facebook toxic?

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✨ Best speech Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. After Dinner Speech of Toy Expo of 2012
    Good evening everyone, and welcome to the Toy Expo of 2012. I hope we all enjoyed our low calorie dinner, which will help you achieve the perfect doll like body. Anyways, let me introduce myself, my name is Barbie and I will be your host tonight. ….
  2. “Community Service” Speech Example
    As Henry the 8th said to one of his wives, “I won’t keep you long”. Good evening, members and guests of the Lions Club. The average American high school student is in school 7 hours a day, from 8AM to 3PM and is asleep 9 hours a day, from 10PM to 7….
  3. Free Speech or Ethical Restraint?
    Free Speech or Ethical Restraint ?byKim RescorlaFree Speech or Ethical Restraint?The first amendment to the constitution guarantees the right of free speech and of the press. Unfortunately, some individuals have used this right to protect themselves ….
  4. Valedictory Speech
    When I was told to try out for the valedictorian’s speech I was a bit apprehensive and thought to myself “do I really want to try out? ” I told a friend about the conflict going on in my head, and she simply said “If you have something to say, say ….
  5. Animal Testing Speech
    Have you ever used an Advil or a Tylenol because you were either sick or had a headache? A corporation developed that medicine using animal experimentation. Almost all governments have required animal testing on drugs and products for many years and ….
  6. Public Speech Examples
    The Importance of Public Speaking. Public speaking can be defined as continuous formal presentation to an audience made by a presenter . Most of the time, people use public speaking to deliver vital messages to the public in proper way. As its name ….
  7. Mustapha Mond’s Speech
    Welcome everyone to this very important occasion for the World State. And a bitter-sweet occasion it is to us. It’s very sad to be saying goodbye Bernard Marx and Helmholtz Watson, two very important characters that once a time contributed to our ….
  8. Bush/Blair Speech Analysis
    After the September 11th attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, both President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Blair gave speeches addressing the terrorist attacks. In their speeches, they both used various rhetorical ….
  9. Essay – Hero Speech
    Doctors, firefighters, policemen, Mother Theresa, and the Pope are just a few of the things that come to mind when we think of the word hero. What we don’t think about are the everyday hero’s that go unrecognized. These are the individuals who make ….
  10. Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Speech Eating Breakfast
    2. Interpersonal Communication According to Petersen (2007), good communication is just as important in business, family, and social life. Listening well matters for coworkers, when intimacy is not the goal, but being able to work together ….
  11. Jaques’ Speech Act In As You Like It
    In William Shakespeares As You Like Itthe speech act is introduced and helps to create a unique insight into the play and its events. Shakespeare integrates a speech act by Jaquesto deliver a deeper meaning and lesson to the audience or reader of ….
  12. Speech to the Jury
    For any speech to be successful, it must persuade its audience. To attain this goal, the speech has to first get the attention of the audience and at all times, maintain those audiences interest. In Harper Lees To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus Finch, ….
  13. Analysis of the Martin Luther King’s Speech “I Have a Dream”
    Martin Luther King Jr. is a well-known person in history. He is know for his work in civil rights, and is known for his I Have a Dream Speech. King’s speech not only change history for the black community it gave hope to black through out the world. ….
  14. Speech to Inform Outline: Cochlear Implant
    Hearing sounds without ears. Strange as it sounds but it is already possible nowadays. The deaf had hold on to sign language long enough and wore hearing aid long enough. Now shines a new light. Cochlear Implant built at 1946 is a new technology ….
  15. John F. Kennedy’s Free Speech
    John F. Kennedy was a phenomenal speaker. He knew how to use his words to rally support from his audience. Therefore, he was not an inspirational leader and through his words he was able to move his audience. President Kennedy was able to reach out ….
  16. Public Speaking Speech Examples
    Many students get incredibly nervous the first mime they have to do a speech in front of their classmates but with practice the nerves subside and they usually begin to enjoy the whole process. Working on public speaking also helps to develop ….
  17. Free of Speech
    It’s long been a debate that speech on college campuses should be or should not be censored. This debate is centered around colleges allowing offensive speakers onto campuses to pronounce their controversial views for everyone to hear. Some believe ….
  18. JFK Inaugural Speech
    John F Kennedy’s Inaugural address is considered one of the best speeches in the twentieth-century. The speech itself is most famous for its call of action which truly helped shaped history. His address gave hope to the American citizens for a ….
  19. Tribute to Princess Diana Speech
    Full Sentence Outline Tribute to Princess Diana Specific Purpose Statement: To inform the audience about Princess Diana and her contributions to the world. Thesis: Princess Diana was a very kind hearted woman, noble by blood, famous by marriage, but ….
  20. Speech on Greek Life
    Wow it has come to the end of the semester. It has been a blessing to be in such an awesome speech class with you all, so thank you again for being here. I have learned so much with all of you and today I thought I would give everyone a little ….

Process Speech Topics

  1. Information System In Business Processes
  2. Levels Of Processing And Memory
  3. Marketing Process
  4. Mbo Plays A Major Role In Planning Process
  5. Military Decision Making Process
  6. Motivational Process
  7. New Product Development Process
  8. Photorespiration Is A Wasteful Process
  9. Process Of Managing Organizations
  10. Social Process- Values And Attitudes
  11. Team Processes
  12. The Creative Process
  13. The Haber Process
  14. The Managerial Process
  15. The Original Stage Gate Process
  16. The Process Of Brainwashing (Mind Control)
  17. The Process Of Cellular Differentiation
  18. The Process Of Departmentalization
  19. The Process Of Diffusion And Osmosis Biology
  20. The Process Of Receiving Goods In A Warehouse
  21. The Real Estate Appraisal Process
  22. The Recycling Process
  23. The Social Process Theory
  24. The Social Process Triangle
  25. The Strategic Planning Process
  26. The Transformation Process Of Starbucks
  27. The Two Models Of The Criminal Process
  28. The Wise Choice Process
  29. Transformation Process Model Within Tesco

What are some creative persuasive speech topics?

List of 50 Creative Persuasive Speech Topics A border fence will not solve the immigration problem. A monthly stipend to cover expenses, for college scholarship athletes. A National Health Insurance Program should exist to guarantee basic medical care of all Americans, regardless of income. Abolish reliance on SAT and ACT scores in admissions. Banning of in-virtro transplants. More items…

How to develop persuasive speech topics?

Part 1 of 3: Preparing to WriteLearn about your topic. It is important to know as much as you can about the topic you’ll be speaking on. Know your goal. It’s important to understand exactly what it is you are trying to achieve with your speech. Understand your audience. Choose the right persuasive approach. Outline your main points.

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Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Persuasive Speech: Why You Should Go To College?
  2. Public Speaking: Outline For The Persuasive Speech
  3. Racial Profiling Persuasive Speech
  4. Redskins Persuasive Speech Presentation Outline
  5. Sample Outline For A Persuasive Speech – By Tom Wi
  6. Six By Karen Tayleur Persuasive Speech
  7. Sleep Deprivation Persuasive Speech
  8. St. Jude’S Research Hospital – Persuasive Speech
  9. Stem Cell Research Persuasive Speech

What are some good topics for a persuasive speech?

Some popular persuasive speech topics include immigration restrictions, the use of the death penalty and restrictions on firearms. Popular persuasive speech topics typically center on controversial issues that have two well-known sides.

What are some good persuasive speeches?

1st 10 Good Persuasive Speech Topics global warming is real/not real single parent adoption (yes/no) human cloning (moral?) video games do/do not promote violence religion does/does not belong in public education gun companies should/should not be held responsible for gun crimes marijuana should/should not be legalized courts should/should not try juveniles as adults More items…

What are some good speech topics?

Best Interesting Speech Topics – Beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder. Children don’t play enough. Animal testing is necessary. Girls are too mean to each other. Men should get paternity leave. Tattoos are an addiction. If I had a year to do what I want. Butterflies: deadly creatures. How to ruin a date in the first minute. The meaning of dreams.

What are some funny speech topics?

List of 67 Funny Persuasive Speech Topics Which country wants more wars with its neighbors? Men are happier than women. Why do men get intimidated by funny women? Want to see your man’s skin crawl? As fuel prices increase so should wages too. Lying is a necessary evil in relationships. Should parking be free for college students? Does becoming a vegetarian improve your life? Speech Topics Public Speaking

  1. About Public Speaking Self Reflection
  2. Anxiety Of Public Speaking
  3. Bullying And Discrimination Public Speaking
  4. Ethics Of Public Speaking
  5. Facing My Fear: Public Speaking
  6. Fear Of Public Speaking
  7. Fear Of Public Speaking Case Study
  8. Fearof Public Speaking
  9. Glossophobia-The Fear Of Public Speaking
  10. How I Became A Public Speaker
  11. Informative Speech Public Speaking
  12. Nonverbal Components Of Public Speaking
  13. Public Speaking And Entertainment Speeches
  14. Public Speaking Made Easy
  15. Public Speaking Phobia Sample
  16. Public Speaking Practice And Ethics
  17. Public Speaking Self Reflection
  18. Public Speaking Self-Reflection
  19. Sample Public Speaking Text
  20. Speech Public Speaking
  21. Weaknesses Of Public Speaking

What are examples of public speaking?

The 3 Basic Types of Public Speaking To Inform – when the speaker is presenting interesting facts or lessons to the audience, or explain how to go about doing something. This could be a teaching lecturing about the Civil War, a student giving an oral report or showing how to decorate a cake or set up a blog, a museum docent explaining the history of painting, or a doctor explaining a procedure.

What are some funny speech topics?

List of 67 Funny Persuasive Speech Topics Which country wants more wars with its neighbors? … Men are happier than women. Why do men get intimidated by funny women? Want to see your man’s skin crawl? As fuel prices increase so should wages too. Lying is a necessary evil in relationships. Should parking be free for college students? Does becoming a vegetarian improve your life? More items…

What are the types of public speaking?

The Types of Public Speaking. There are two schools of thought on what rhetoric is. Classical rhetoric which is persuasive speaking and contemporary rhetoric. Rhetoric is most often seen in public arenas like politics, law, public relations, lobbying, marketing and advertising, assemblies and courts of law.

Descriptive Speech Topics

  1. Why America Went To War With Vietnam
  2. Why Businesses Need A Balanced Scorecard
  3. Why Capital Punishment Is Unfair?
  4. Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior
  5. Why Color Theory Is Important
  6. Why Coral Reefs Need To Be Protected
  7. Why Criminals Deserved Punishment
  8. Why Did George Kill Lennie?
  9. Why Did Hitler Gain Power In 1933?
  10. Why Did Islam Spread So Quickly
  11. Why Did Japan Attack Pearl Harbor?
  12. Why Did Kristallnacht Take Place?
  13. Why Did Labour Win The 1945 Election?
  14. Why Did Modern Communism Fall
  15. Why Did Nationalism In Germany Fail?
  16. Why Did Paul Write To The Philippians
  17. Why Did Phillip Ii Launch The Armada
  18. Why Did So Many Jamestown Colonists Die?
  19. Why Did Stalin Become Dictator?
  20. Why Did The League Of Nations Fail?
  21. Why Did The Mayan Civilization Collapse?
  22. Why Did The Schlieffen Plan Fail?
  23. Why Do Bad Things Happer To Good People
  24. Why Do Christians Oppose Euthanasia
  25. Why Do Countries Create Alliances?
  26. Why Do I Want To Be An Engineer?
  27. Why Do People Commit Crimes
  28. Why Do People Conform And Obey
  29. Why Do People Fall In Love
  30. Why Do People Join A Group?
  31. Why Do People Stay Abusive Relationships
  32. Why Do People Use Drugs
  33. Why Do Psychologist Do Experiments
  34. Why Do Students Cheat
  35. Why Do Teens Contemplate To Suicide
  36. Why Do Women Live Longer Than Men?
  37. Why Drinking Age Limit Should Be 21
  38. Why Drugs Should Not Be Legalized
  39. Why Energy Drinks Should Be Banned
  40. Why Is Communication Important
  41. Why Is Deforestation A Global Concern?
  42. Why Is Enlightenment Significant?
  43. Why Is Prostitution A Problem
  44. Why Should I Be Moral
  45. Why Should We Not Eat Animals?
  46. Why Should We Vote
  47. Why The Giver Should Not Be Banned
  48. Why The Gorebush Election Is Such A Mess
  49. Why The Homeless Must Vote
  50. Why The Human Rights Act Was Created

What are some good topics for a persuasive speech?

Some popular persuasive speech topics include immigration restrictions, the use of the death penalty and restrictions on firearms. Popular persuasive speech topics typically center on controversial issues that have two well-known sides.

What are some good topics to write about?

Here are some good topics to write articles: A list of things you’ll never do again. Writers you aspire to be like and why. An open letter to your hero or life goal. Things you wish would be invented. Review the last critically acclaimed movie you saw.

What is a descriptive speech?

Descriptive speeches contain the basic parts of a speech: an introduction, main body and conclusion. The introduction is meant to grab the attention of the audience and preview the topic of the speech. The main body is used to describe the topic in depth to allow the audience to vividly experience the topic.

What are some examples of descriptive language?

Some commonly seen forms of descriptive language are adverbs, adjectives, metaphors and similes. Adverbs are descriptive words that describe a verb. Instead of saying, for example, “The girl drank the juice,” you could instead say “The girl hurriedly drank the juice.”.

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Informative Speech Topics

  1. Aztec Food And Agriculture Informative Speech
  2. Cloning Informative Speech
  3. Date Rape Informative Speech
  4. Dying To Be Thin: An Informative Speech
  5. Informative Speech – Asthma
  6. Informative Speech – History Of Singapore
  7. Informative Speech – Hookah Pipe
  8. Informative Speech – The African Killer Bee
  9. Informative Speech About Barbie Dolls
  10. Informative Speech About Basketball
  11. Informative Speech About Fair Trade
  12. Informative Speech About Hiking
  13. Informative Speech Alternative Energy
  14. Informative Speech Botox
  15. Informative Speech Cancer
  16. Informative Speech Coconut Oil
  17. Informative Speech Golf Swing
  18. Informative Speech Laughter
  19. Informative Speech On Adoption
  20. Informative Speech On Alcohol
  21. Informative Speech On Anabolic Sports
  22. Informative Speech On Assisted Suicide Nov
  23. Informative Speech On Diabetes
  24. Informative Speech On Foods That Make Happy
  25. Informative Speech On French Culture
  26. Informative Speech On Health Effects Of War
  27. Informative Speech On Leukemia
  28. Informative Speech On Obamas Defence Policy
  29. Informative Speech On Online Shopping Safety
  30. Informative Speech On Phobias
  31. Informative Speech On Piercings
  32. Informative Speech On Robotics
  33. Informative Speech On Sew-In Extensions

Informative Speech Topics For College

  1. Informative Speech On Sids Sample
  2. Informative Speech On Sleep Deprivation
  3. Informative Speech On Sushi
  4. Informative Speech On Tequila
  5. Informative Speech On Terrorism
  6. Informative Speech On Types Of Mortgage Loans
  7. Informative Speech On Valentine’S Day
  8. Informative Speech On Women For Women Intl
  9. Informative Speech Public Speaking
  10. Informative Speech Sample
  11. Informative Speech Shyness
  12. Informative Speech: Sugar Gliders
  13. Kurt Cobain Informative Speech
  14. Major Informative Speech
  15. Malcolm X: Informative Speech
  16. Marilyn Monroe Informative Speech
  17. Marlo Thomas Informative Speech
  18. New Orleans Saints Informative Speech
  19. Nike Informative Speech
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Speech Essay Topics for High School Students

  1. Sample Informative Speech Ideas
  2. Sleepwalking Informative Speech
  3. Speaking: Speech And Informative Speeches
  4. Stanley Milgram Informative Speech
  5. Stress Informative Speech
  6. The Illuminati (Informative Speech)
  7. Titanic Informative Speech
  8. World Cup 2014 In Brazil- Informative Speech
  9. How Does Obama Make His 2008 Victory Speech Successful?
  10. How Significant Was The Spanish Conquest Of Mexico Speech
  11. How Was Power And Authority Shown In Churchill’S Speech?
  12. Human Trafficking Persuasive Speech
  13. Ice-T:Is The Issue Social Responsibility Or Free Speech?
  14. Jfk Steel Company Speech
  15. John Keats Biographical Speech And Poen Analysis
  16. John Keats Speech
  17. Jules Ferry’S Speech
  18. Julius Caesar Antony’S And Brutus’S Speech
  19. Julius Caesar: Speech Comparisson
  20. Kevin Rudd Sorry Speech Analysis

What is the purpose of speech essay?
The general purpose statement of a speech may be to inform, to persuade, to inspire, to celebrate, to mourn, or to entertain. Thus, it is common to frame a specific purpose statement around one of these goals.
What is the example of speech?
Speech is communication through talking or a talk given to an audience. An example of speech is a conversation between two people. An example of speech is the presidential address. The power or ability to speak.
What makes a perfect speech?
A great speech needs a good structure, which means your speech should have a beginning, a middle, and an ending. Audiences often react best when you tell them in the beginning what you plan to share, and then you can offer mileposts throughout the speech. Don't just dive into the topic.
Why is it important to know the purpose of speech?
Making sure that you have a clear purpose ensures that your core message (and call to action) will ultimately resonate with your audience. Again the purpose of a speech broadly speaking can be to: persuade, inform, inspire, motivate or entertain.

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