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Speech on Greek Life

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Good morning class my name is ___________. Wow it has come to the end of the semester. It has been a blessing to be in such an awesome speech class with you all, so thank you again for being here. I have learned so much with all of you and today I thought I would give everyone a little background on Greek life. Greek life, for certain individuals, is a great experience to grow, meet new people, and finish off college strong.

Today I will share some history facts, the purpose of Greek life, and the stereotypes it has behind it.

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Speech on Greek Life
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According to gmu. edu, the fraternity system grew throughout the early 1800s with the formation of Kappa Alpha, Sigma Phi, and Delta Phi. The three made up what is now called the Union Triad. Moving westward into Ohio’s Miami University, three fraternities were founded there: Beta Theta Pi, Delta Theta, and Sigma Chi. These would form the Miami Triad. These early groupings would later give way to a large expansion of the Greek system throughout the colleges for the better part of a century.

In the 1850s, Alpha Delta Pi was founded as the first sorority although Gamma Phi Beta was the first organization actually called a sorority. What is a sorority? According to Wikipedia, Sorority and fraternity from Latin words “frater” and “soror” meaning brother and sister are fraternal social organizations. Well what is the purpose of a fraternity and a sorority? Greekloyalty. com says, the purpose of Greek Life is to serve ones college and community with dignity and respect.

Well there is a really good purpose to why colleges and universities have Greek life but there are so many stereotypes that Greeks have. Tripod. com states six stereotypes Greeks have and those are they encourage binge drinking and drug abuse, do not have personal space or time, they are only seen on TV’s, they haze, when you join you are simply “buying friends,” and lastly they do not benefit local communities. Although some of these stereotypes may be true, Greek life has a bigger meaning to it and that is why it has been on campus life for as long as it has.

If it had such an impact on students they would have stopped Greek life a long time ago. I can go on and on about Greek life but I only had four minutes to spare to share all that I have. Greek life may not be for you but is can help individuals grow, meet many new people, and finish off college strong. I hope the history, the purpose, and the stereotypes was helpful information and if interested do your research because there is a lot about it. Thank you and have a safe and fun summer.

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